Elon Musk says return trip to Mars will cost less than USD 100,000

Last Updated: Wed, Feb 13, 2019 15:04 hrs
Elon Musk (AP Photo)

Elon Musk’s ambitious space plans are no secret. His company, SpaceX, is working tirelessly to one day send humans to the space. In the usual Twitter chatter, Musk revealed how much a ticket to Mars could cost when the mission goes live.

In a response to a tweet asking the estimated costs for tickets to Moon/Mars accounting for reusability, Musk replied that the costs are dependent on volume. However, he is confident that moving to Mars will one day cost less than USD 500,000 or even below USD 100,000, inclusive of a free return ticket.

Musk considers this cost low enough for people in advanced economies to sell their home on Earth and move to the Red Planet if they so wish.

Although moving to Mars is the ambitious mission, Musk’s teams are prioritising Moon as a habitable alternative to Earth.