Emirates treats fliers with Indian cashew nuts

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Last Updated: Sat, Nov 23rd, 2019, 19:50:04hrs
Emirates treats fliers with Indian cashew nuts

Bengaluru: Marking the World Cashew Day, leading Gulf-based carrier Emirates on Saturday treated its fliers with tasty and munchy Indian cashews onboard its passenger jets, an official said.

"We have served the delicious and roasted India cashew nuts to our guests on international and regional flights as a snack and an ingredient in a variety of our cuisine," said the Dubai-based airline in a statement.

Emirates said India, a cashew production heavyweight, is a perfect match to the airline as the produce piggybacks on its fleet to 160 destinations in 86 countries.

According to the airline, United Arab Emirates (UAE), imports 21 per cent of India's total annual cashew kernel exports of 80,000 tonnes, valued at $900 million, emerging the largest importer.

The airline extensively peppers the curved nut produced by an evergreen tree in its menu, serving and garnishing in its signature delicacies such as butter chicken, khanu badam diya macher, pongal, shahi paneer, murg korma and others.

Emirates sources cashews from southern Indian state Tamil Nadu to toss its Indian masala cashews snack, for its first and business class passengers.

Annually, the airline serves around 33 tonnes of masala cashews on its global flight network and 125 tonnes laced a key ingredient along with almonds, pistachios and macadamia in its myriad regional and international delicacies.

Emirates SkyCargo, the airline's cargo division, offering quick shipment service, transported more than 50,000 kg cashew from Kochi to Los Angeles between April and October.

Celebrating the economic potential of Indian cashew produce, Emirates said the presence of the Indian produce on its fleet stimulated interest and awareness for further business opportunities to Indian cashew farmers, recognising cashew's role in connecting communities and fostering trade.

The airline connects nine Indian cities - Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kochi, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Thiruvananthapuram - through 170 weekly flights.

Emirates employs 13,707 Indians, accounting for 21 per cent of its workforce and flies to 159 destinations in 86 countries the world over.