EU members extremely unlikely to veto Brexit extension proposal: Irish PM

Last Updated: Sun, Apr 07, 2019 19:04 hrs
Indian-origin Leo Varadkar set to be prime minister of Ireland

Ireland: It's "extremely unlikely" that European Union's member-states will veto a proposal seeking another extension for Brexit, said Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar.

Varadkar's comments come just a few days before the EU is slated to meet to decide on the United Kingdom's proposal to extend the country's exit from the bloc to June 30, reports Xinhua.

Speaking to a local media channel RTE, Varadkar called for solidarity, patience and understanding between EU members while dealing with the UK on Brexit.

He added that if an EU member was to veto Britain's proposal, "they wouldn't be forgiven for it" as that would cause hardships on Ireland, along with Netherlands, Belgium and France.

Efforts are on in the United Kingdom to break the deadlock on Brexit, with British Prime Minister Theresa May holding talks with Opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn to make headway on an agreement which is unanimously accepted by the British Parliament.

The House of Commons has rejected the previously negotiated Withdrawal Agreement thrice now, with Corbyn indicating that the accord may be tabled again in the Parliament for a vote next week.

No respite seems to be in sight for the United Kingdom, as it is now poised to exit from the bloc on April 12. While the opposition has called for a second referendum, May has dismissed the scenario. She now seeks another extension from the EU.