Flickr users can still upload more than 1,000 photos

Last Updated: Sun, Mar 10, 2019 14:18 hrs
Flickr (Image Courtesy: Wikimedia commons)

Flickr has announced that under its Creative Commons licenses, users with free accounts will be able to host and upload more than the 1,000 photo limit.

In its official blog, Flickr announced that freely licensed images on Flickr will be protected from the deletion, regardless of the date they were uploaded.

Users with free accounts will be able to change the license to Creative Commons of any of their photos on the photo page to save them from the deletion.

However, Flickr has disabled the bulk license change tools so that users don’t change the licensing without understanding the implications of the free licenses support.

In addition to the new changes, Flickr also announced ‘in memoriam’ accounts for the existing Flickr members who have passed away. In memoriam accounts will preserve all of the content, even if their Pro subscription lapses. The login for the account will be locked while the username will be updated to reflect the ‘in memoriam’ status.

The announcement arrives just days before Flickr mass deleted photos across its platform which do not fall under the permissible limit. The company will mass delete photos exceeding the limit on March 12.