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Last Updated Time: 2 December 2021, 3:03 PM

Delhi or Dilli is the heart of the country and the city's connection with Gold and jewellery is as old as one could imagine it to be. From the narrow bylanes of Purani Dilli to the newest corridors flanking Noida, Gold remains a popular investment avenue.






The Today gold rates in Delhi remains exclusive of GST and making charges. The 916 (22 Karat) and 999 (bullion) karat gold rates are valid for prominent localities of Delhi such as NCR, Janakpuri, Kirti Nagar, Vaishali, Karol Bagh, Kalkaji, Greater Kailash, Dwarka, Okhla, Sadar Bazaar, Vikaspuri, Shalimar Bagh etc. Gold rates for neighbouring cities such as Noida, Faridabad, Agra, Ghaziabad, Gurugram, and Mehrauli are almost similar with prevailing gold price in Delhi, as mentioned on this page. Do read the gold history to get a better understanding of what to bargain and expect at the store.

24 Karat 22 Karat
29 NOV48368(-0.54%)47384(-0.54%)
28 NOV48630(-0.53%)47640(-0.53%)
27 NOV48891(0.66%)47895(0.66%)
26 NOV48570(0.36%)47582(0.36%)
23 NOV48414(-1.97%)47424(-1.97%)
14 Oct 2021 : 47887
29 Nov 2021 : 48368
Highest (on Nov 16) : 49684
Lowest (on Oct 18): 47168
Rise/fall in rupees: 481
Rise/fall in percentage: 1
14 Oct 2021 : 46850
29 Nov 2021 : 47384
Highest (on Nov 16) : 48670
Lowest (on Oct 18): 46148
Rise/fall in rupees: 534
Rise/fall in percentage: 1.14
Today's 22-karat gold rate in Delhi is 4738.4 and the 24-karat gold rate in Delhi is 4836.8

Delhi is the heart of India, the capital-city that signifies several unique aspirations with Gold. The capital city of India has earned the sobriquet of mini-India for its cosmopolitan nature. collates rates for bullion and gold from credible sources in Delhi.

The Today gold rates in Delhi remains exclusive of GST and making charges. The 916 (22 Karat) and 999 (bullion) karat gold rates are valid for prominent localities of Delhi such as NCR, Janakpuri, Kirti Nagar, Vaishali, Karol Bagh, Kalkaji, Greater Kailash, Dwarka, Okhla, Sadar Bazaar, Vikaspuri, Shalimar Bagh etc. Gold rates for neighbouring cities such as Noida, Faridabad, Agra, Ghaziabad, Gurugram, and Mehrauli are almost similar with prevailing gold price in Delhi, as mentioned on this page.

Delhi & Gold: Trends, Importance, & Culture:

Delhi or Dilli, the dil-waalon-ka-sheher, is popular for the Rajghat, India Gate, Qutub Minar, Beautiful Gardens, Akshardham, and lip-smacking Dilli ki Chaat. The city is also a hot shopping avenue. It is home to a number of bazaars selling gold jewellery and antiques. The national museum in Delhi is one avenue where enthusiasts can track several age-old historic coins and jewelleries, pendants and even chains.  

It has taken a few decades, if not centuries, for Dilwalo ki Dilli to earn the sobriquet of Mini India with people from several cultures and traditions calling it their home. The artisans in Delhi are quite adept at crafting imitation jewellery as well as embroideries such as Zardozi (done with Gold thread), and even Meenakari (art of enamelling).  Many of these artisans have come from far-flung cities including north-eastern states for earning their rozi-roti (bread-butter) and showcasing their craft.

For those who haven't visited the city, a few words from the popular Kajra-Mohobbat-waala is apt to explain the city's connection to Gold - "Dilli sehar kaa saara... Meena bazaar leke..." The writers most likely referred to Dilli's Meena and Chandni bazaars that have held steadfastly onto their legacy status. Delhi is a hot consumers avenue and the popularity of the Delhi markets can only be gauged from what the owners of luxury label Tiffanys chose to do in 2019. They opted for Delhi and Mumbai as locations for their two grand stores in India.

Gold rate calculation in Delhi:

When it comes to gold, either the 24 or 23 karat coins and 22 Karat jewellery, expect the local Sarafa and jewellery associations to have an upper hand. Rates are mostly fixed by the association of jewellers in Delhi. A handful trade federations and even Karigar associations have some say in determining the prevailing rate-card. It may be quite unheard but Delhi has a rate-card among the goldsmiths and karigars.

When it comes to bars, the rates are fixed on the basis of spot-rates. The commodity rates mentioned at MCX is factored in here. For settlement, traders would normally prefer a percentage plus the live spot rate of Gold. The percentage usually varies over time, however can be a range of 1-5 percent. When it comes to coins, both 24 and 23 Karat is in demand in Delhi and rates for the same are priced according to the rates tallied by the Sarafa association.

Rates for Gold of any purity is mostly fixed by factoring in the international price, currency volatility, refiner margins, and impurities such as Silver, Aluminium, Iron, Nickel, Palladium, and Platinum that are required for making the jewellery. Rates mentioned by leading jewellers may differ owing to costs incurred on transportation, logistics, security, and individual business operations and margins.

For buyers it is important to understand that rates for gold can change at least twice through the day but even the leading jewellers may opt to do business on a single rate.

Buyers should also be aware that bullion rates in Delhi tend to be the cheapest in India, thanks to availability of Delhi Air which holds a special place among bullion refiners and dealers. A good proportion of Gold in the country arrives at this port. The other important avenues in India are definitely Ahmedabad, Mumbai (JNPT) and Ennore port near Chennai. Despite being a prominent bullion hub in India, rates for 22 Karat gold is reportedly higher when compared with other cities. This is owing to costs on operations and higher individual dealer margins.

What causes rates in Delhi to fluctuate?

Rates can fluctuate in Delhi, sometimes by a wide margin within a day. For instance, the volatility in July-August saw Delhi Gold rates swing by Rs 6,000 within a fortnight. The reasons were obviously a weaker US dollar, rising inflation, geopolitical tensions across the world and a weaker Indian Rupee compared to the US-Dollar. In a nutshell, rates turn volatile owing to:

1. Currency fluctuations

2. Inflation

3. Rising geopolitical concerns

4. Higher US Bullion prices.

For those keen on understanding in detail on what causes Gold rates to spike and turn cheap, do follow the latest economic trends and news on Finance covered by Sify Finance.

Delhi: Popular Gold-specific financial products

While trends in Delhi suggests that Bullion or 99.5 percent purity Gold is more in trend as an investment product, in recent times, investors have opened up to other financial products such as:

1. Exchange Traded Funds that are made available by reputed brokerages.

2. Coins and Bullion Bars, the latter especially refined and carrying the stamp of NIBR are preferred in Delhi.

3. Sovereign Gold Bonds: A no-frills investment policy with the authority and trust of IBJA (Indian Bullion Jewellers Association) and the Reserve Bank of India.

3. Investment in Jewellery schemes floated by jewellers.

4. Global Feeder Funds investing in gold mining companies.

5. Stocks related to gold-mining and jewellery.

Delhi-trends for first-time Gold investors

If you are a first-time investor in Gold or Bullion, we would advise you to do a thorough-research on the financial products, returns, and also plan your expectations from your gold investment journey. It is a good idea to align bullion investments within one’s financial goals. Gold is an excellent hedge against inflation and ideally 10-15 percent of one’s financial portfolio can be allocated to gold-backed instruments. Depending upon individual preferences for risk and expectations on returns, the allocation may change.

For instance, the world's most venerated stock guru - Warren Buffett does not find Gold as a convincing asset, however Berkshire Hathway, his investment firm, has significant investments in gold-mining companies.

Some of the trends in Delhi when it comes to Gold or Bullion that investors should keep in mind are:

1. The Bullion rates are usually the lowest and comparative with rates in Mumbai. This is primarily because of the presence of Delhi Air that offers cost-benefits to importing agencies who are then able to pass on the benefits to buyers and traders.

2. Jewellery can get expensive in comparison to rates elsewhere. The reason is attributed to a higher making and refining margin. Also, when it comes to jewellery, the number of avenues such as manufacturers and artisans are far higher in Mumbai, Chennai, Kerala and Kolkata.

Good time to buy Gold in Delhi:

The cosmopolitan character of Delhi and its multi-cultural attitude means almost every day is a great day to buy Gold. The major gold buying seasons are wedding season and festivals such as Eid, Diwali, Dhanteras and Christmas. Many customers practice rituals when it comes to buying Gold. There is also a belief on Shubha-Muhurat and here is a list of Shubhha-Muhurats in 2020 for your quick reference.

Ideally, we recommend readers to bookmark this page and buy Gold on dips, that is allocate whenever Gold rates tend to trade lower. We also showcase regular news bulletins and opinions from market experts to guide investors to time their transactions. The market related intelligence should help prospective readers analyse gold rates and appropriately invest.

Time-Trusted & Popular Gold Showrooms of Delhi:

Some of the Jewellery shops in Delhi can be a few centuries old with generations of goldsmiths taking responsibility for designs and business. An entire street called Dariba Kalan in Chandni Chowk has existed since 17th century with several jewellers and goldsmiths conducting their businesses. While such examples can be easily spotted in old Delhi, the newer avenues to buy jewellery are mostly spread in New Delhi. Some of the popular names in New Delhi when it comes to jewellery includes Mehrasons Jewellers, Khanna Jewellers, PC Jewellers, Hazoorilal Jewellers, Kalyan Jewellers, Tanishq and Malabar Jewellers.

EditorsPicks: Gold & Bullion Insights:

Why subscribe to authentic rates:

When it comes to Gold, there is no single answer to the reason for buying it. From marriage to festivals to investments, the reason to buy Gold are far too many. Several financial planners recommend 10-15 percent of portfolio in Gold backed instruments to save from savings from inflation. Having credible information can always help save money. As the saying goes, a penny saved is a penny earned.

The Today gold rates in Delhi is an endeavor to help readers access latest and authentic information related to gold and bullion in Hyderabad. also features insights from leading market experts. Such insights can help readers understand when to buy or sell gold and also the prevailing market prices. Do bookmark this page or download Sify Gold rates app to track the latest gold rates for prominent cities across India.

Disclaimer: showcases news, analysis and gold rates with the sole objective of financial prosperity for all. The rates mentioned may vary within the same city and readers are advised to consult with a registered financial advisor prior to their investment. For any complaints, feedback, opinions or to share experiences write to with the subject – Gold / Bullion.

Gold Rate Build-Up in Delhi as of September 2021

Delhi Gold RateGold 22 KGold 24 K
01-09-2021₹ 46,145.00₹ 47,145.00
30-09-2021₹ 44,749.00₹ 45,738.00
Highest (as on 06-09-2021) ₹ 46,360.00₹ 47,372.00
Lowest (as on 29-09-2021) ₹ 44,749.00₹ 45,738.00
Increase/Decrease₹ -1,300.00▲ ₹ -1,351.00
Difference (%)▼ -2.91%▼ -2.88%

Gold Rate Build-Up in Delhi as of August 2021

Delhi Gold RateGold 22 KGold 24 K
02-08-2021₹ 47,093.00₹ 48,014.00
31-08-2021₹ 46,143.00₹ 47,144.00
Highest (as on 02-08-2021) ₹ 47,093.00₹ 48,014.00
Lowest (as on 11-08-2021) ₹ 44,984.00₹ 45,882.00
Increase/Decrease₹ -750.00▲ ₹ -849.00
Difference (%)▼ -1.65%▼ -1.78%

Gold Rate Build-Up in Delhi as of July 2021

Delhi Gold RateGold 22 KGold 24 K
01-07-2021₹ 45,660.00₹ 47,410.00
31-07-2021₹ 47,162.00₹ 48,080.00
Highest (as on 30-07-2021) ₹ 47,380.00₹ 48,294.00
Lowest (as on 01-07-2021) ₹ 45,660.00₹ 47,410.00
Increase/Decrease₹ 950.00▲ ₹ 387.00
Difference (%)▲ 2.13%▲ 0.82%

Gold Rate Build-Up in Delhi as of June 2021

Delhi Gold RateGold 22 KGold 24 K
01-06-2021₹ 47,730.00₹ 49,750.00
30-06-2021₹ 45,185.00₹ 46,915.00
Highest (as on 08-06-2021) ₹ 47,980.00₹ 49,830.00
Lowest (as on 30-06-2021) ₹ 45,185.00₹ 46,915.00
Increase/Decrease₹ -2,135.00▲ ₹ -3,015.00
Difference (%)▼ -4.62%▼ -6.04%

Gold Rate Build-Up in Delhi as of May 2021

Delhi Gold RateGold 22 KGold 24 K
03-05-2021₹ 45,480.00₹ 47,400.00
31-05-2021₹ 47,455.00₹ 49,465.00
Highest (as on 26-05-2021) ₹ 47,600.00₹ 49,620.00
Lowest (as on 03-05-2021) ₹ 45,480.00₹ 47,400.00
Increase/Decrease₹ 1,915.00▲ ₹ 2,080.00
Difference (%)▲ 4.35%▲ 4.37%

Gold Rate Build-Up in Delhi as of April 2021

Delhi Gold RateGold 22 KGold 24 K
01-04-2021₹ 42,470.00₹ 44,275.00
30-04-2021₹ 44,885.00₹ 46,780.00
Highest (as on 23-04-2021) ₹ 45,280.00₹ 47,190.00
Lowest (as on 01-04-2021) ₹ 42,470.00₹ 44,275.00
Increase/Decrease₹ 2,340.00▲ ₹ 2,525.00
Difference (%)▲ 5.69%▲ 5.69%

Gold Rate Build-Up in Delhi as of March 2021

Delhi Gold RateGold 22 KGold 24 K
01-03-2021₹ 42,920.00₹ 44,740.00
31-03-2021₹ 41,708.00₹ 43,480.00
Highest (as on 25-03-2021) ₹ 42,942.00₹ 44,768.00
Lowest (as on 31-03-2021) ₹ 41,708.00₹ 43,480.00
Increase/Decrease₹ -1,170.00▲ ₹ -1,267.00
Difference (%)▼ -2.82%▼ -2.82%

Gold Rate Build-Up in Delhi as of February 2021

Delhi Gold RateGold 22 KGold 24 K
01-02-2021₹ 48,143.00₹ 48,517.00
26-02-2021₹ 47,864.00₹ 48,236.00
Highest (as on 01-02-2021) ₹ 48,143.00₹ 48,517.00
Lowest (as on 05-02-2021) ₹ 46,843.00₹ 47,207.00
Increase/Decrease₹ -265.00▲ ₹ -281.00
Difference (%)▼ -0.58%▼ -0.58%

Gold Rate Build-Up in Delhi as of January 2021

Delhi Gold RateGold 22 KGold 24 K
01-01-2021₹ 49,680.00₹ 50,104.00
30-01-2021₹ 48,215.00₹ 48,590.00
Highest (as on 07-01-2021) ₹ 50,086.00₹ 50,562.00
Lowest (as on 28-01-2021) ₹ 47,950.00₹ 48,325.00
Increase/Decrease₹ -1,355.00▲ ₹ -1,473.00
Difference (%)▼ -2.87%▼ -2.94%