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Last Updated Time: 2 December 2021, 3:02 PM

Pearl City Hyderabad has a deep historical connection with Gold and Jewellery. The connection could be as old as the Charminar. The city that made the Nizam’s collection popular is a key consumption market in India’s jewellery industry.






Rates are sourced directly from manufacturers and dealers directly from Hyderabad and adjacent localities such as Kondapur, HiTech City, Ameerpet, Punjagutta, Nampally, and old Hyderabad. The Gold price in Hyderabad is mostly similar with twin city Secunderabad. Price mentioned on this page is indicative and subject to change several times through the day. The price is exclusive of making charges, wastage and GST. We recommend reading the rate history prior to bargaining to get a better deal.

24 Karat 22 Karat
29 NOV47673(-0.29%)45395(-0.04%)
28 NOV47813(-0.29%)45415(-0.04%)
27 NOV47952(0.66%)45435(0.66%)
26 NOV47638(0.36%)45136(0.36%)
23 NOV47610(-1.97%)45224(-1.97%)
14 Oct 2021 : 47577
29 Nov 2021 : 47673
Highest (on Nov 16) : 48945
Lowest (on Nov 04): 46728
Rise/fall in rupees: 96
Rise/fall in percentage: 0.2
14 Oct 2021 : 45265
29 Nov 2021 : 45395
Highest (on Nov 16) : 46565
Lowest (on Nov 04): 44515
Rise/fall in rupees: 130
Rise/fall in percentage: 0.29
Today's 22-karat gold rate in Hyderabad is 4539.5 and the 24-karat gold rate in Hyderabad is 4767.3

Pearl City Hyderabad has a deep historical connection with Gold and Jewellery. The connection could be as old as the Charminar. The city that made the Nizam’s collection popular is a key consumption market in India’s jewellery industry.

The Today Gold rates in Hyderabad mentioned on this page is sourced from credible agencies from the city. The rates are exclusive of taxes such as GST and making charges. Also, these rates may hold true for Hyderabad and adjacent towns and villages including twin-city Secunderabad.

Gold Connection of Hyderabad:

For trivia-hunters, the city was named Bhagyanagar – Sultan Mohammed Quli Qutb Shah named it over Bhagmati, a Telugu Courtesan who later converted and took the name Hyder Mahal. If you are keen on understanding the connection of Gold in Hyderabad, you need not go anywhere beyond Charminar. For, it is rumoured that Sultan Shah’s secret tunnel constructed as a passage between Charminar and Gold Fort may hide a treasure chest containing tons of precious jewels and gems.

Talk of richness and a popular Hyderabadi featured as the richest man in the world at one time. We are talking about His exalted Highness, Nawab Sur, Mir Osman Ali, the last Nizam of Hyderabad who made it to TIME magazine as the world’s richest person in 1937. The Nizam’s then fortune of $2 billion was two times the annual revenue of India and 2 percent of the US economy. As of 2020, those assets adjusted against inflation would be pegged at $230 billion –making the Sultan’s fortune taller than even Jeff Bezos. Also, his highness was once the owner of the world’s largest diamond, the Jacob Diamond weighing at 185 carats. There are varying tales of the Nizam, and his fortune of gold and precious gemstones.

Be it the Nizam’s palace, his antique collectibles or contemporary gold trends, there is ample Gold seen in Hyderabad. The demand for Gold is only popular if not lower than the flourishing pearls industry or even lip-smacking Biryani of which Hyderabad is popular across the globe. The demand for the yellow metal in Hyderabad is usually spread through the city and is usually on the higher end. In 2016, it was reported that Rs 2,700 crores of Gold in bars and biscuits was purchased in the city. Those were from days of demonetisation, but generally it is assumed that the city’s affluent and as investment-friendly citizens regularly invest in Gold to safeguard their investments against inflation.

Calculating 24 Karat Gold Rates:

Gold rates can spring surprises by being volatile, not as much as shares or equities but swings in per gram gold rate are noticeable in the morning and evening rates. The local bullion dealers, manufacturers and jewellers’ association tallies rates for 24 Karat and 22 Karat. Bullion or 24 karat gold rates are derived by calculating cost of the metal in international spot markets and then adding other headers such as import duties and other margins.

The gold rates in Hyderabad and neighbouring localities usually trades parallel to international and domestic bullion trends, however, there can be several divergences owing to supply-demand trends including currency swing between the US Dollar and Indian Rupee. The Hyderabad jewellery industry is well-knit and rates are determined twice every day except weekends and government holidays.

The factors that are taken into consideration to fix the rates are those that cause gold rates to fluctuate. Currency fluctuation is one of the major reasons of ever-changing gold rates. For example, a stronger Dollar (its intrinsic strength) can make Gold rates weaker in international markets and vice-versa. Similarly, Rupee has a corresponding relationship with gold rates – a weaker Rupee is most likely to cause higher outgo on Gold.

International market related news and developments such as policies driven by US Federal Reserve also plays an important part in determining Gold rates in Hyderabad.

916 or 22 Karat Jewellery rates:

Gold rates for 916 are majorly influenced by jewellers and the local jewellery association. You would be surprised to know that the trends for 916 gold are almost parallel with that of Chennai. For instance, an increase in gold rates in Chennai would result in a comparative jump in gold rates in Hyderabad.

Gold rates for 916 can change twice through the day. However, many jewellers may continue business at the same rate since the difference can be negligible. Also, it is not compulsory for jewellers to quote either the association rate or even rates mentioned on the internet. This is simply because jewellers have a method to calculate their costs and margins. Many leading jewellers will factor in the cost of base price of metal, minimum making cost, security, logistics, cost of impurities such as Silver or Aluminium etc besides their own margin.

Rates at jewellers in the same vicinity can change by a margin and hence knowing the gold rate at any point of the day helps in negotiating. The information on this page is intended to impart near-time information to jewellers, bullion traders and consumers. Rates may vary with what a jeweller quotes owing to difference in business operations, logistics, costs incurred in running store, marketing and other costs.

Gold rates in Hyderabad versus elsewhere:

Mostly, rates in Hyderabad are expensive than the ones in Chennai by a small margin. This is only because the Chennai sea and airport offers cheaper logistics cost. Rates can also depend upon supply-demand sentiments which can include different festivals and auspicious occasions to buy. Demand is significantly higher in Hyderabad since a good number of resellers and goldsmiths come to the city from adjacent towns and villages of the state ahead of a festive season. A bumper crop harvest can also spin the demand curve up. Hyderabad is India’s fourth largest city and consumption is perennial through the year.

Regularly referencing the rates on this page can help while buying or selling gold. features live rates for 22 and 24 Karat in Hyderabad. The page also shows highest price, lowest price, and rise and fall of gold-rates in the last thirty days.

Popular Gold Investment Avenues in Hyderabad

When it comes to buying gold, the city popular for its bazaars and shopping complexes, can leave customers spoilt for choice. For customers the question is not whether to buy but instead what to buy – gold, pearls or precious jewels. For locals keen on investing in Gold, here are some avenues:

1. Jewellery: Fancy designs or gold in myriad colors? Opt for jewellery. You can opt for 22K, 18K or even custom caratage offered by local jewellers.

2. Bars and Coins: Both MMTC PAMP or refiner grade coins and bars are available for purchase across banks and jewellers. There is a likelihood of incurring dealer margins at the point of purchase.

3. Gold investment schemes: If budget is a constraint you could also opt to invest in periodic investment in some Gold. Schemes floated by popular jewellers involves paying 10-11 monthly instalments before owning the desired Gold.

4. Sovereign Gold Bond: Banks, brokerage firms and commodity exchanges are avenues to subscribe to this trustworthy and credible financial product.

5. ETFs: For those keen on saving their expenses on stocking physical bullion, the aspect of investing in Gold ETFs comes in handy. A financial analyst ensures your investments are allocated to profitable investments such as Gold stocks or Gold mining companies.

Tips for first time Gold jewellery buyers:

Buying Gold for the first time in Hyderabad? Do follow these factors?

1. How many grams of Gold are you buying?

2. Is the per gram rate higher than the one quoted here? If Yes, enquire about a discount.

3. Check the wastage charges and making charges calculated by the jeweller.

4. Find out if the rates mentioned at the store are for morning or evening. You can bargain on whichever one is lower, should the jeweller reveal on the timing of the rates.

5. Check for cost of impurities, stones, gems and diamonds. Although jewellers are unlikely to explain impurities owing to several reasons, it is likely some of them may.

6. Ask for buyback terms. This helps in exchanging or re-selling at an agreed price at a later date.

7. If you like the design, understand the caratage and have found out assaying and BIS certification labels, proceed, only if your heart says Yes to the deal.

8. Ask for a bill to complete the transaction.

Good time to buy Gold in Hyderabad:

Festivals and weddings often see great footfalls at Gold jewellery stores. But then, the narrow bylanes of Charminar, or the stores at Punjagutta or Banjara Hills have usually been crowded with customers. Unusual crowds of buyers can be spotted during festivals such as Eid, Diwali and even ahead of Navaratri or Dussehra.

Time-Trusted & Popular Gold Showrooms of Hyderabad:

If you are buying Gold in Hyderabad we would recommend checking the Nizam collections in addition to the popular pearl and exquisite diamond studs. Tirmani, Jugni, Jada Huwa Lachcha, Satlada, Teeka, Jhoomar, Nath, Chandbali, Karan Phool, Guttapusali, Raani Haar. The range of craft with the Nizam collection is vast and the ever-green designs can leave you spell-bound.

Did you know that Lalitha Jewellery operates a grand 1,30,000 sq feet store in Hyderabad alone? A number of jewellers have palatial showrooms in Hyderabad. Some of the leading ones in the city includes Tanishq, TBZ, Khazana, Kalyan, and Alukkas. Other trustworthy names with a store in the city includes GR Thangamyi Jewellery, Manepally Jewellers, and Tibarumal Jewellers.

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Why subscribe to authentic rates:

When it comes to Gold, there is no single answer to the reason for buying it. From marriage to festivals to investments, the reason to buy Gold are far too many. Several financial planners recommend 10-15 percent of portfolio in Gold backed instruments to save from savings from inflation. Having credible information can always help save money. As the saying goes, a penny saved is a penny earned.

The Today gold rates in Hyderabad is an endeavor to help readers access latest and authentic information related to gold and bullion in Hyderabad. also features insights from leading market experts. Such insights can help readers understand when to buy or sell gold and also the prevailing market prices. Do bookmark this page or download Sify Gold rates app to track the latest gold rates for prominent cities across India.

Disclaimer: showcases news, analysis and gold rates with the sole objective of financial prosperity for all. The rates mentioned may vary within the same city and readers are advised to consult with a registered financial advisor prior to their investment. For any complaints, feedback, opinions or to share experiences write to with the subject – Gold / Bullion.

Gold Rate Build-Up in Hyderabad as of September 2021

Hyderabad Gold RateGold 22 KGold 24 K
01-09-2021₹ 44,665.00₹ 46,875.00
30-09-2021₹ 43,365.00₹ 45,524.00
Highest (as on 06-09-2021) ₹ 44,795.00₹ 47,062.00
Lowest (as on 30-09-2021) ₹ 43,365.00₹ 45,524.00
Increase/Decrease₹ -1,300.00▲ ₹ -1,351.00
Difference (%)▼ -2.91%▼ -2.88%

Gold Rate Build-Up in Hyderabad as of August 2021

Hyderabad Gold RateGold 22 KGold 24 K
02-08-2021₹ 45,415.00₹ 47,722.00
31-08-2021₹ 44,665.00₹ 46,873.00
Highest (as on 02-08-2021) ₹ 45,415.00₹ 47,722.00
Lowest (as on 11-08-2021) ₹ 43,665.00₹ 45,735.00
Increase/Decrease₹ -750.00▲ ₹ -849.00
Difference (%)▼ -1.65%▼ -1.78%

Gold Rate Build-Up in Hyderabad as of July 2021

Hyderabad Gold RateGold 22 KGold 24 K
01-07-2021₹ 44,565.00₹ 47,415.00
31-07-2021₹ 45,515.00₹ 47,802.00
Highest (as on 15-07-2021) ₹ 46,165.00₹ 48,261.00
Lowest (as on 01-07-2021) ₹ 44,565.00₹ 47,415.00
Increase/Decrease₹ 950.00▲ ₹ 387.00
Difference (%)▲ 2.13%▲ 0.82%

Gold Rate Build-Up in Hyderabad as of June 2021

Hyderabad Gold RateGold 22 KGold 24 K
01-06-2021₹ 46,235.00₹ 49,940.00
30-06-2021₹ 44,100.00₹ 46,920.00
Highest (as on 08-06-2021) ₹ 46,560.00₹ 49,705.00
Lowest (as on 30-06-2021) ₹ 44,100.00₹ 46,920.00
Increase/Decrease₹ -2,135.00▲ ₹ -3,015.00
Difference (%)▼ -4.62%▼ -6.04%

Gold Rate Build-Up in Hyderabad as of May 2021

Hyderabad Gold RateGold 22 KGold 24 K
03-05-2021₹ 44,055.00₹ 47,570.00
31-05-2021₹ 45,970.00₹ 49,650.00
Highest (as on 26-05-2021) ₹ 46,115.00₹ 49,805.00
Lowest (as on 03-05-2021) ₹ 44,055.00₹ 47,570.00
Increase/Decrease₹ 1,915.00▲ ₹ 2,080.00
Difference (%)▲ 4.35%▲ 4.37%

Gold Rate Build-Up in Hyderabad as of April 2021

Hyderabad Gold RateGold 22 KGold 24 K
01-04-2021₹ 41,130.00₹ 44,420.00
30-04-2021₹ 43,475.00₹ 46,945.00
Highest (as on 23-04-2021) ₹ 43,855.00₹ 47,355.00
Lowest (as on 01-04-2021) ₹ 41,130.00₹ 44,420.00
Increase/Decrease₹ 2,340.00▲ ₹ 2,525.00
Difference (%)▲ 5.69%▲ 5.69%

Gold Rate Build-Up in Hyderabad as of March 2021

Hyderabad Gold RateGold 22 KGold 24 K
01-03-2021₹ 41,565.00₹ 44,885.00
31-03-2021₹ 40,393.00₹ 43,621.00
Highest (as on 25-03-2021) ₹ 41,589.00₹ 44,912.00
Lowest (as on 31-03-2021) ₹ 40,393.00₹ 43,621.00
Increase/Decrease₹ -1,170.00▲ ₹ -1,267.00
Difference (%)▼ -2.82%▼ -2.82%

Gold Rate Build-Up in Hyderabad as of February 2021

Hyderabad Gold RateGold 22 KGold 24 K
01-02-2021₹ 45,866.00₹ 48,592.00
26-02-2021₹ 45,600.00₹ 48,311.00
Highest (as on 01-02-2021) ₹ 45,866.00₹ 48,592.00
Lowest (as on 05-02-2021) ₹ 44,628.00₹ 47,280.00
Increase/Decrease₹ -265.00▲ ₹ -281.00
Difference (%)▼ -0.58%▼ -0.58%

Gold Rate Build-Up in Hyderabad as of January 2021

Hyderabad Gold RateGold 22 KGold 24 K
01-01-2021₹ 47,290.00₹ 50,138.00
30-01-2021₹ 45,935.00₹ 48,665.00
Highest (as on 07-01-2021) ₹ 47,705.00₹ 50,599.00
Lowest (as on 28-01-2021) ₹ 45,684.00₹ 48,399.00
Increase/Decrease₹ -1,355.00▲ ₹ -1,473.00
Difference (%)▼ -2.87%▼ -2.94%