Today Gold Rate in Kanpur

Last Updated Time: 19 October 2021, 8:32 PM






24 Karat 22 Karat
19 OCT47197(0.05%)46179(0.06%)
18 OCT47172(-1.5%)46150(-1.5%)
14 OCT47890(0.81%)46853(0.81%)
13 OCT47505(0.83%)46476(0.83%)
12 OCT47113(0.24%)46092(0.24%)
02 Sep 2021 : 47025
19 Oct 2021 : 47197
Highest (on Oct 14) : 47890
Lowest (on Oct 04): 45572
Rise/fall in rupees: 172
Rise/fall in percentage: 0.37
02 Sep 2021 : 46036
19 Oct 2021 : 46179
Highest (on Oct 14) : 46853
Lowest (on Oct 04): 44587
Rise/fall in rupees: 143
Rise/fall in percentage: 0.31
Today's 22-karat gold rate in Kanpur is 4617.9 and the 24-karat gold rate in Kanpur is 4719.7

Gold rate connection:

The Leather city of the World, Kanpur is an industrious district of Uttar Pradesh. Gold is a popular investment option for millenial and citizens. The Today Gold Rate Page in Kanpur is an endeavour to inform investors and buyers of the prevailing market-rate. Rates mentioned on this page are sourced from credible jewellers and agencies across the city. Rates are valid for localities within Kanpur and even adjacent Mandhana, Fatehpur, Hamirpur, Rae Bareli, and Unnao.

Kanpur per gram Gold rate calculation: collates rates in Kanpur from jewellers and local agencies including federations and sarafa associations. These agencies calculate rates at least two time a day - morning and evening. The rates are calculated on the basis of international price of gold and the prevailing Dollar rate. The agencies may also add refiner margins to arrive at the cost of 24 Karat gold alloy. Rates mentioned by jewellers may differ by a small margin owing to differences in business operation, logistics, and dealer margins.

Associations also share prescriptive rates for lower purities such as 22 and 18 Karats. These rates include slight making charges which may include the cost of impurities such as Palladium, Platinum and Nickel required to make 22 Karat or 916 Karat Gold alloy. Individual jewellers may showcase rates higher or lower than the association' prescriptive rates owing to differences in business operations and added costs on security and logistics. Sify ensures that rates reflect near-market trends to ensures customers are empowered with latest market information.

You should also understand that rates quoted by adjacent jewellers in the same locality in Kanpur can differ by a margin of a few rupees and hence for a satisfactory transaction comparing the single gram gold rate at the jeweller is advised. The prevailing Gold price for bullion, that is 24 Karat, and 22 Karat (916) can change at least two times in a day. The rates are symbolic of changes in international markets and national trends including US-Dollar-Indian Rupee volatility. Sify analyzes several market and economic trends related to buy-sell of Gold.

Kanpur: Time-Trusted & Popular Gold Showrooms of Kanpur:

According to social reviews, Kashi Jewellers that established in 1955 is among the go to avenues when it comes to buying gold jewellery. Their two-storey showroom and focus on rich jewellery may have been reasons for the Rolls Royce brand to feature them in their 2013 yearbook.

The road in Naughara starting from Collectorganj right upto Phool Bagh Park is dotted with jewellers and goldsmiths at intervals of a few metres. Some of the popular names includes K Pankaj Chain and Jewellers, Rajasthan Kewellers, PC Jewellers, Kalyan Jewellers, Lala Purushottam Das Jewellers etc. Tanishq has a showroom at PPN market.

For those keen on travelling, there is a Sonar Galli in PNT Colony in adjacent Raebareli that has emerged popular with its presence of a dozen odd stores. Travelling from Kanpur to Raebareli should take approximately under 3 hours.

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Gold investment can help safeguard from inflation. Usually, an investment of 10-15 percent of financial portfolio is advised in the form of Gold. Gold, certainly has remained a favorite investment form for scores of Indians and can work wonders when done correctly. The information mentioned on this page empowers buyers to negotiate when it comes to gold and jewellery. In fact, even Rs 10 saved is Rs 10 earned.

Having latest and authentic rates can help buyers plan their investments much in advance. Knowing the latest rate also helps during a gold loan. The gold rates in Kanpur is a way to enable customers access the latest and authentic gold rates. Another reader engagement from is our frequent articles and insight columns with popular industry veterans and market experts. These insights offer readers information on when to buy gold and what rate to buy it at. Do bookmark this page or download Sify Gold rates app to track the latest gold rates for prominent cities across India.

Disclaimer: showcases news, analysis and gold rates with the sole objective of financial prosperity for all. The rates mentioned may vary within the same city and readers are hence advised to consult with a registered financial advisor. For any complaints, feedback, opinions or to share experiences write to with the subject – Gold / Bullion.