Health Ministry clarifies on what offices should do for positive cases

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Last Updated: Tue, May 19th, 2020, 20:01:18hrs
Health Ministry clarifies on what offices should do for positive cases

New Delhi: Running an office? Confused on what to do if an office-goer tests Corona positive? The Union ministry of Health and Family Welfare on Tuesday issued guidelines to tackle such confusions.

According to the ministry's latest guidelines on preventive and response measures to contain the spread of COVID-19 in workplace settings, there is no need to close the entire office building or even stall work. The guidelines say work can be resumed after disinfection in case one or two corona positive cases are reported. The disinfection needs to be according to SOPs and protocols laid by the health ministry. Also, the disinfection procedure will be limited to areas visited by the patient in the past 48 hours.

In cases of larger outbreak, the entire building will have to be sealed for 48 hours and be thoroughly disinfected. In such cases, all staff will work from home till the building is adequately disinfected and is declared fit for re-occupation.

For corporate, here are five important suggestions to follow:  

1. Corporate must report to central or state health authorities as well as the helpline number 1075 to report on any individuals found of suffering from symptoms suggestive of COVID-19.  

2. "A risk assessment will be undertaken by the designated public health authority (district RRT/treating physician) and accordingly further advice shall be made regarding management of case, his/her contacts and need for disinfection," said the Health Ministry.

3. "Necessary actions for contact tracing and disinfection of workplace will start once the report of the patient is received as positive. The report will be expedited for this purpose."

4. The Health Ministry said that all the employees and visitors will follow simple public health measures like respiratory etiquettes, physical distancing of at least one meter, mandatory use of face covers or masks and practice frequent hand washing for at least 40-60 seconds even when hands are not visibly dirty and use of alcohol based hand sanitizers for at least 20 seconds.

5. "Any staff requesting home quarantine based on the containment zone activities in their residential areas should be permitted to work from home" said the Ministry. India will continue to follow the lockdown till May 31.