Helping those with oily fingers is this Chinese phone's USP

Last Updated: Fri, Jan 12, 2018 11:39 hrs

In a time span of just a year, a Chinese budget phone says it has taken over the India's market by overcoming a simple difficulty - making the cell phone operable for those with oily fingers too.

Shenzhen-based Transsion Holdings, last year, launched Tecno mobiles (phones include Tecno i3, i3 Pro, i5, i5 Pro, and i7) which they say unlocks even with oily fingers. This feature alone has made them one of the top three mobile phone vendors in India, they claimed in the South China Morning Post (SCMP) on Friday. It is not clear though which survey Tecno was using to make the claim.

Among the other brands that Transsion Holdings own are Itel, Infinix and Spice.

The Chinese cell phone, which has physical keypads and costs around US$10, has also become top mobile phone vendor in Africa.

Chinese brands consider India as the most important overseas smartphone markets and have stiff competition to ace the market.

Reacting on their incredible growth in the Indian market, Arif Chowdhury, vice-president of Transsion, said success came only be meeting the needs of the locals and not by making fancy slogans.

"Big companies which sell smartphones in more than 100 countries are too global to care for one single market. The core strategy for us is to become the favourite mobile phone brand in emerging markets," the South China Morning Postquoted Chowdhury as saying.

He further said before entering the market, the company spent more than a year on studying the existing brands and trying to figure out the needs of the market.

The company has also upgraded its image sensor software, especially in low light environment, keeping in mind the habit of Indians hanging out with friends late at night.

Targetting untapped rural markets in India, the company also offers customers a 100-day free replacement guarantee for any faulty products to win trust from rural customers.