Investing in the mutual fund was never so easy for first-time investors

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Last Updated: Sat, Aug 10th, 2019, 02:24:22hrs
Investing in the mutual fund was never so easy for first-time investors
For the longest time, investment was thought of being only for those who had a substantial bank balance or for those who had access to pricy wealth managers, who used to take care of their investment portfolio.

In virtue of ever reason, the hurdle of 'lack of knowledge' often lead people for not investing in mutual funds or maybe the reason is they never had an 'easier' way of doing an investment, points out Sandeep Tyagi, Founder, and CEO of Gulaq. And, here it is that start-ups like Gulaq have acted as disrupters.

Launched in 2019, Gulaq is a customer-centric investment platform that helps first-time investors makes rightful decisions. It helps them understand financial products through its user-friendly interface and content specific to their requirements.

Pleasing the customers with 'transparency and simplicity'

Financial products have not been easy going in the market as compared to gold, fixed deposits, real estate. But financial products like mutual funds offer better returns yet, the majority millennials stay away from it because of its jargon-heavy nature, lack of knowledge and lack of transparency.

Gulaq, with its deep understanding of the customer, focuses on transparency and simplicity and crucially taking care of the philosophy by introducing Robo Advisory as its USPs. From opening an account to investing and getting KYC verified with zero charges, the whole process is smooth and one of the best in the industry. Only direct mutual funds are what Gulaq brings-in the industry.

The birth of Gulaq came into the purpose of helping first-time investors who end up getting into chaos whilst selecting the fund out of endless options. Taking care of this, the Robo advisory of Gulaq will make an average user to know the right funds.

The Vision

Whilst there are different products in the market which have provided easy to invest platform to the users, Gulaq aims to take this to the next level by answering other common queries of a middle-class retail investor like 'Where to invest', 'How to monitor and grow' without a professional's help.

"Gulaq will provide advice to all internet savvy investors on how to grow their money while saving fees relative to investing in regular mutual funds and stockbroking", said Sandeep Tyagi, CEO of Gulaq.

"Gulaq will be a convenient experience for every user. Safety, security, and technology-friendly are the trio's which are our top priorities. Significantly, one-stop platform for your investments", stated Alok Chaturvedi, Director of Product.

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