Is your favorite avenger paying the highest for life insurance?

Last Updated: Sat, Apr 27, 2019 20:29 hrs
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Humans, demi-Gods, captains, magicians – the super team of Avengers is ready to defeat the unassailable Thanos in the biggest battle of Marvel's Cinematic Universe. When Earth's mightiest heroes team up, they become unbeatable (With six infinity stones at his fingertips, Thanos may make this statement a bit skeptic!). However, with superpowers, you still can't escape the odds of loss and death. Insurance, thus, comes as a need even for the superheroes.

The Avengers have the most dangerous job in the world as they often tussle with deadly supervillains of the universe. Their lives involve multiple risks and the most destructive showdowns including all sorts of mystical and comic adversaries.

It often makes me wonder- Wouldn't they be paying the highest premium for life insurance had they been insured? What say? So, with the help of my friend, who is an insurance underwriter at Aviva, I assessed the potential risks of our favorite Avengers and tried to find out how the insurance premiums would compare for those who can split the universe apart and those who love to do their jobs and pay taxes (You and me!).

*The reader must know these terms before proceeding with the article.*

Health history – It is hard to believe that our agile, superfast and mightiest heroes suffer from any ailment. But, considering the fact that Tony Stark meets the full criteria for post-traumatic stress disorder, we can't deny the chances.

Risk factors – All the Avengers are integrally exposed to dangers, but some are more to others. My friend highly recommends our Avengers to go for Aviva Plan that covers all forms of death and twelve critical illnesses because our heroes are prone to even cosmic threats.

Supernatural power and abilities – Every character is unique in their superpowers, and when we are calculating their insurance premiums, we can't overlook the fact that some are born with superpowers (like Thor) while some don't have any trace of superpowers (like Hawkeye).

The final verdict – By analyzing all the key areas, we can assess the premiums of our superheroes from enormous to meager.

Iron Man

Tony Stark – the genius, billionaire, inventor, and head of Stark Industries always lands into troubles starting from the time he went into a foreign land and was captured by insurgents. He has a messed up heart, a stressful job, drinks to his heart's content, has a long list of enemies, but doesn't have real superpowers. He resides in his Manhattan skyscraper and constantly redesigns his suits, gradually making it more powerful over the years.


Health history – Tony's health troubles commenced the moment he fell prey to a booby trap in Afghanistan. Among several injuries he received his heart got wounded. Stark's heart condition is resolved with an artificial heart transplant, but it will surely upturn his premium manifolds.

Risk factors – Iron Man was involved in most of the deadliest showdowns ever in the Marvel's Cinematic Universe. Fans still haven't got over the nail-biting fight scene on the planet Titan, where he with several allies took on Thanos to stop him acquiring all the infinity stones.

Supernatural power and abilities – No superpowers; the credit to his durability and super strength goes to increasingly advanced armored suit. He can summon the armor and with nanotech can grow it from within a storage unit in his chest. Pretty impressive! (We wish insurance companies find it the same)

The final verdict – Stark has a long list of liabilities including his wife which are subjected to constant threats. As might be expected, he is a nightmare for insurance companies, and his insurance premium would be a whopping high. Most might suggest that he buys a Heart Plan at the least. Both for him and his wife maybe?


Clint Barton - the cool dude with a bow and infinite arrows is the second costliest avenger to insure. Why? Because, he has no superhuman powers! After all, which of us normal humans would leap from the window of one skyscraper, crash land into the window of another and still get up to kill a few dozen aliens? We would definitely need a sound Life Insurance to even think about pulling off such stunts through the years!

Health history – Sound health except for the period he was under the influence of Loki's magic and has surrendered his brain.


Risk factors – He clashes with killer robots, demi-gods, and full-scale armies.

Supernatural power and abilities – No superpowers, but Clint Barton is an exceptional fencer, acrobat, master marksman, and Avenger's amazing archer.

The final verdict – Clearly, Hawkeye is highly vulnerable, and his liabilities escalate all the more when we discover the fact that he is married to Laura and has a family of three children. Though the premium wouldn't break his bank and will be lesser than Tony Stark's, it will cost him a copious amount still.

Captain America

Involved in three of the biggest fights in Marvel's Cinematic Universe – Avengers, The Winter Soldier, and Age of Ultron, Captain America is one of the most destructive avengers.


Health history – The Winter Soldier spent about half a century frozen solid – a fact insurance companies are not going to ignore.

Risk factors – Even if we do not count Thanos, he was involved in battling his old friend, Bucky Barnes along with saving the New York from the attack of Loki and the Chitauri. The risk factor is indeed over the top.

Supernatural power and abilities – For his unparalleled speed, strength and stamina, very few are able to keep up with him. Thanks to the super-soldier serum, his genetically-enhanced body, skilled fighting and agile, acrobat moves. The final verdict – Hoping that his powers give him a long, natural life, his insurance premium will be fairly moderate.

Black Widow

Black Widow – Trusted by only a few, but feared by most, the original female member of Marvel's team, has her fair share in multiple destructive battles in The Avengers, Age of Ultron and The Winter Soldier.


Health history – Biologically advanced, Natasha Romanoff is not an average human. Being given a serum for the Black Widow Program, the fierce lady is resistant to aging and disease.

Risk factors – Considered one of the S.H.I.E.L.D.'s most deadly assassins, Black Widow, is involved in an extremely dangerous profession, i.e., international spy.

Supernatural power and abilities – Despite no supernatural power, she shows off inhuman levels of strength, agility, and stamina. Extensive training in nearly every fighting style and all manners of weapons to her service enable her to accomplish every mission.

The final verdict – Though she is another avenger with no superpowers, taking account her background in acrobatics, gymnastics combined with super human abilities cuts her insurance premium cost a bit. It will not be enormous (less than Hawk Eye), but she will have to pay pretty high.


The madder the Hulk gets, the crazier his fans become. The uncontrolled green monster is fueled by rage. The soft-spoken scientist, Dr. Bruce Banner aka Hulk is obviously the most destructive Avenger in Marvel's movie history. No wonder why, he has a huge fan base.


Health history – Though Hulk's body naturally adapts to any physical challenge, he had survived even nuclear holocausts and world-ending apocalypses.

Risk factors – Having experienced all sorts of mystical and cosmic challenges, he has faced some of the most perilous clashes with full teams of superheroes including X-Men, Avengers, and Fantastic Fours.

Supernatural power and abilities – Immense strength that allows him to smash enemies with a single blow. He can throw massively heavy objects in a blow and tear metal apart as though it were paper.

The final verdict – Hulk's can endure a tremendous amount of injury and can heal far quicker than an average human. He is nearly immortal, thereby, it is clear that he would be paying the least for his life insurance premium among all Avengers. This fact is further strengthened by the detail that he has no liabilities, i.e., no real home or family.


The Thunder God is much adored by fans for his chiseled physique, excellent stamina and of course a good sense of humor.


Health history – Excellent except he lost his right eye to the battle with evil sister Hela. Risk factors – The Dark Elf, Malekith, a fight with the goddess of death, Hela are to name a few among the long list of killer enemies. But as he is a god, his exposure to danger is only average.

Supernatural power and abilities – Thor Odinson manipulates ancient Asgardians powers to fight evil throughout the Nine Realms and beyond. There is a list of superhuman powers to his credit, including strength, agility, and speed. Being the mythological Norse God of Thunder, he can manipulate the weather and channel extreme energy through his mystical hammer Mjölnir.

The final verdict – It shouldn't come as a surprise that the demi-god has the cheapest premium to pay, same if not lower than Hulk. Though he continually dangers his life to save the universe, his deity powers always protect him.

The fate of Avengers will be decided in Avenger's Endgame and insurance companies can charge our favorite superheroes a higher level premium.