Jingle InfoSolution offers free ERP software for textile, apparel and garment industry

Last Updated: Wed, Jul 20, 2011 08:20 hrs

Considering the extremely complex nature of the textile, apparel and garment industry, Delhi based Jingle Infosolutions Pvt.td. has introduced a complete ERP solution package which is now being recognized worldwide as the only solution to the above industries.

This complete ERP package is now available for free and only implementation and subscription cost is being incurred. This application is developed on a three-tier client server architecture.

The industries likely to benefit from the process are yarn manufacturing, weaving, technical textile, spinning, yarn dying, swing thread and apparel.

The ERP package will help the beneficiary cut down on costs, ensure time management and reduce use of excessive resources from the production to sales stage.

Its features include web-based application, works on server and client environment, user friendly, All modules are designed on single framework and can be accessed rom any where through the internet.

Developed in Oracle 11g, ASP dot net and C#, the process can be customized based on a client's requirement.

The Free ERP Package is available on free registration with Jingle Infosolutions Pvt. Ltd. Clients can register for free following the URL: http://www.erptextiles.com/free-erp-software-textiles-spinning-weaving.php. It's a limited period offer and is available for only 2 months. For more information logon to http://www.erptextiles.com. (ANI)