Jobs: They have INDEED declined, India still better placed

Source :Sify
Author :Sify
Last Updated: Tue, Jun 30th, 2020, 11:33:58hrs
Coronavirus Jobs

New Delhi: Life during the Coronavirus pandemic has cast a spotlight on jobs markets. Latest statistics from a job posting site finds a tepid hiring trend.

Between February to May, 51% fewer jobs were posted on Indeed India than in 2019.

The trend was higher in countries such as UK (down by 60%), Mexico (61%) and countries from Europe.

India's situation is reportedly worse than US (down by 29 percent) or Singapore (32%) and Australia (down by 42%).

Some sectors such as medicine, software & technology and marketing have seen a surge in jobs.

Jobs in childcare, food preparation, hospitality, tourism and cleaning and sanitation have declined by at least 74%.

With a declining jobs market, there has been a herculean surge in terms such as remote, work from home and related phrases. Indeed data reveals that such searches surged by 380 percent as a share of all searches on Indeed India between February-May.

Indeed India Managing Director Sashi Kumar suggest job seekers  to take charge of job search. "As the hiring activities rate continues to fall, it is more important than ever to take charge of your own job search. The average recruiter looks at a resume for only six seconds."

"So, job seekers must showcase what's special about themselves as human beings and as workers to get their attention in an increasingly crowded world of applicants," he adds.