Kochan Group Plans to Launch SaralStudy.com, An Education Portal Soon

Last Updated: Tue, Jun 19, 2012 09:00 hrs

Gurgaon, Haryana, India:Kochan Group, primarily associated with CleaOrient.com, a computer and IT cleaning services company, plans to launch SaralStudy.com an education website for students, soon.

Kochan Group is a Delhi based company with an all India reach.

About SaralStudy

SaralStudy is comprehensive website for education. It caters to the varied needs of school going students throughout the country, online. The focus areas for SaralStudy.com is

-- preparation for CBSE XI-XII exams

-- engineering and medical entrance exams



-- Entrance examination for top notch colleges in India

Though content related to niche segments such as Fashion Designing, Architecture, Chartered Accountancy, Media and Advertising have not been included as of now, SaralStudy plans to make headway in this direction soon.

SaralStudy improving readiness of study

It has been proven that an average student retains only about 20% of what is being taught in classrooms. The reason is not too far to seek, there is on an average 60 children per teacher-this makes teachers a harried lot. Personalized attention becomes the first casualty.

In today’s competitive age, the person who has the quickest access to information succeeds. Knowledge is on the information superhighway, a person only needs tap it, intelligently, via the net. SaralStudy, is an extension of this philosophy that makes education related information available at the click of a mouse. It is based on the framework that interactive teaching improves the readiness of the brain to absorb and retain information. Hence use of audio, visual and graphical simulation wherever required.

With SaralStudy, children can have access to precise and personalized attention. The road maps developed by SaralStudy facilitate quick learning, increase absorption and retention capacities.

How to use SaralStudy.com

SaralStudy can be easily used. A person only needs to log in and fill up the easy-to-fill registration form. If desired, parents can register for their wards. Once registered, students can have access to the veritable storehouse of information for Physics, Maths, Chemistry, Biology, Accountancy, Audit, and Financial Management. SaralStudy.com is in fact an online encyclopedia. Registered users can subject their learning to mock tests. Similarly, users can download last years’ solved question papers and test their learning. This is undoubtedly an easier and less time consuming option compared to searching the market for test papers, which are sometimes not available.

SaralStudy was intended to actively engage the child while at the same time provide him stimulus for growth. This is evidently not possible through the learn- by- route formulae, instead a more interactive and collaborative medium is required. The methodology was developed by faculty members who have been actively associated in the teaching process.

Saralstudy truly simplifies studies.

Bhawna Kalra, SaralStudy.com, +91 9811441264