List of BIS hallmarked gold jewellers in Bangalore

Last Updated: Thu, Nov 16, 2017 11:58 hrs
Gold shop (IANS Photo)

Gold business in Bengaluru and the rest of India is far from transparent. So, do ensure that you take extra care while buying gold.

This makes the BIS seal that guarantees the purity of gold mandatory.

Many jewellers still pass off inferior quality jewellery (with a higher percentage of impurities) as 22-carat gold. To avoid this, ensure you buy gold from a BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) hallmarked jeweller.

We have the complete list of BIS hallmarked jewellers in Bengaluru below.

Also, do insist on the bill. Yes, this means you will have to pay GST on the gold you buy and on making charges. But it ensures transparency and provides you assurance.

The bill will also aid you if you have to approach a BIS hallmarking centre or a consumer court if you suspect that you have been hard done by.

The list of BIS hallmarking centres in West Bengal where you can verify your BIS-hallmarked gold, after paying the assaying charges, can be found by clicking here.

The complete list of BIS hallmarked jewellers in Bangalore: