Livelong Wealth setting up prop-trading desk backed by their own trading community

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Last Updated: Mon, Jan 27th, 2020, 18:07:23hrs
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Hari, Founder, Livelong Wealth

New Delhi [India], Jan 27 (ANI/Digpu): The stock market has often been mistaken to be a game of trial by luck. This is the main reason why a majority of people are unaware of its potential as a great source of income. Why not?

Livelong Wealth aims at helping individuals find a consistent source of income from the stock markets and aims to help these individuals develop a mindset of entrepreneurship by educating them about the importance of wealth creation and management through proper risk and reward-based strategies under our guidance.
Livelong's founder, Hari, spent a lot of his time understanding and analysing the stock market at an early age. Soon, he gained an appreciation for navigating the complexity of the stock market.
This allowed him to start earning small but steady profits which then began to grow exponentially. His success attracted the curiosity of his friends and family who then became his first clients, seeking to learn about the stock market. They would go on to become the founding members of the Livelong Wealth Trading Community.
This was only the beginning. Soon, news about their success as a crew began to grow. People began to reach out to them over social media and other channels in order to understand how they do what they do.
That is when it dawned on them that their knowledge is meant to be shared with those with the curiosity to learn. For those driven by curiosity, Livelong Wealth grants you the tools to grow that budding curiosity into blooming profits.
With over five plus years of experience in the financial frontier, Livelong believes in sharing the knowledge it has gained, while working at international trading and investing firms, in an easily digestible manner. This will help you take a well-planned step towards financial freedom.
Livelong has presently trained over 500 plus members from around the world through its online training programs. In addition to these online programs, the firm also conducts offline sessions at schools and colleges in order to raise awareness about the markets and the importance of having a systematic approach to investing.
With a strong community as its base, Livelong is taking strides towards a new frontier. By placing itself in the financial front, Livelong will open the doors of its very own proprietary trading desk.
The firm believes that this would help them improve their present trading methodologies as working in a team is always better than individual efforts. The new trading desk will be comprised of the senior partners of the Livelong Wealth Trading Community (its online stock trading forum).
This trading desk will provide opportunities to get hands on training about the stock markets at their office. Thus, helping stock market enthusiasts to get to learn about live markets under Hari and other senior traders of Livelong Wealth.
Livelong's new venture is backed by its analysis based on prehistoric data and strategies developed in-house using this analysis. Thus, the proprietary trading desk will prove to be a sound platform to put your experience to the test and challenge yourselves daily.
With great challenges, and sound training comes great rewards and large leaps into the hands of financial freedom. So, why not take the leap? Learn, Apply and Live Long!
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