Maintain your cosmetic jewelry in easy steps

Last Updated: Thu, Nov 23, 2017 09:25 hrs
A jeweler places a stone on a gold bracelet at a jewelry workshop in Peshawar

Jewelry, whether precious or otherwise, needs to be handled with care, and if you really want to keep it cherished it for a long time here are some tips from expert designers. 

Radhika Jain, designer at MiRa and Charu Singh Chaudhary, founder and creative head at Zooki opine against wearing fashion jewelry everyday and against use of cleaners that contain acid, alcohol, vinegar or ammonia.

Here are the other unique tips, that the experts suggest:

  • Keep them clean and dry. Whether it is a necklace, ring, bracelet or earrings, exposing fashion jewellery to any type of cream, chemical product, lotion, perfume, oil or even water is an undeniable accelerator of tarnishing.

  • Maintaining Colour: Metals like brass, copper or bronze will oxidize and see their colour changing. Always remove your jewelry before applying cream, perfume or when you wash your hands.

  • Fashion: Do not forget to give your costume jewellery a little break from time to time. Fashion jewellery is usually not meant to be worn every day. Therefore, if you wear the same pieces of jewellery on a daily basis, you might see discolouration.

  • Oxidation: To make you costume jewellery look its best as long as possible is to clean them after each use. So, clean them, or at least wipe them down with a soft cloth to remove any product residues and sweat that accelerates oxidation. Avoid cleaners that contain acid, alcohol, vinegar or ammonia, since they can damage your jewellery.

  • Storage: Store your fashion jewellery carefully in cotton, butter paper, velvet cases or zip lock bags. Fashion necklaces must vertically hung .

  • Store individual items separately to avoid them getting tangled.

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