Masks, sanitizers to defend against Covid-19 selling exorbitant rates

Source : IANS
Author : IANS
Last Updated: Thu, Mar 5th, 2020, 13:08:17hrs
Masks, sanitizers to defend against Covid-19 selling exorbitant rates

New Delhi: As the coronovirus scare rises, masks and sanitizers have seen a sudden rise in demand jacking up their prices and were also becoming short in supply. In Delhi, masks were selling at Rs 250 per piece at some places.

There have been 29 reported cases of coronavirus infection in the country. The government has asked citizens to exercise caution, but panic and concern seem to be setting in.

There is an increasing number of people buying masks and sanitizers from the medical stores in Delhi. Due to the increase in demand, many medical stores are facing shortage and at the same time some stores have increased the prices. The mask or sanitizer, which used to be available for Rs 150 in Delhi a few days ago, is now selling at Rs 250 per piece.

When asked about this, the owner of a medical store in Rohini, told IANS, "We are purchasing these items at the increased rate, and also suppliers are not keeping up with the demand."

Significantly, as a precautionary measure, people have been asked to maintain cleanliness, wash hands frequently and use hand sanitizers.

Coronavirus cases were first reported in India in Kerala, and so far a total of 29 cases have been reported across the country so far.

In view of the increasing impact of coronavirus, the Central and State governments have been exhorting people to take precautions.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Union Home Minister Amit Shah have also cancelled their public functions, including Holi Milan celebrations due to coronavirus scare.