Microsoft Excel gets trolled and hated for Surf Excel

Last Updated: Wed, Mar 13, 2019 12:21 hrs

New Delhi: Software giant Microsoft has become an unexpected victim of hate messages directed at a Surf Excel detergent commercial that has raked up a huge controversy in India over the past few days.

The latest commercial, part of Surf Excel's "Daag Achche Hai Campaign", shows a Hindu girl saving a Muslim boy from colours on Holi. However, it has offended some people, who are venting their anger on the social media.

Some uninformed folks, who joined the hate parade, confused Surf Excel with Microsoft Excel.

Soon #BoycottSurfExcel, #BoycottExcel, #MicrosoftExcel and more such hashtags involving Microsoft were trending on the social media.

"Going to request Sundar Pichai to throw you away from the Playstore. And, of course Satya Nadella as well to remove you from Microsoft Office. As a data scientist, it was tough to say this but country over profession anytime," wrote Aditya Bhandari, who claims to be a data scientist, on PlayStore.

Senior journalist Raju Narisetti posted a screenshot of Bhandari's comment on Twitter, expressing his shock at the ignorance.