Modi calls for action at climate summit, says India's renewable energy capacity to go to 450 GW

Last Updated: Tue, Sep 24, 2019 14:14 hrs
Solar Plant (PTI image)

New York [USA]: Calling for action on climate change, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday said that the time for talking is over as he announced plans to increase India's renewable energy capacity to 450 GW from 175 GW and invited countries to join the Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure being launched by India.

Addressing the Climate Action Summit 2019 during 74th session of UN General Assembly, Modi said India has come not just to talk about the seriousness of the problem of climate change but to present a practical approach and a roadmap.

"We believe that an ounce of practice is worth more than a ton of preaching," he said.

Modi called for a comprehensive approach which covers everything from education to values and lifestyle to development philosophy.

He said that India will spend about USD 50 billion dollars over the next few years on water conservation, rainwater harvesting, and development of water resources.

He also referred to India's efforts to increase the proportion of the biofuel blend in petrol and diesel and to 80 countries joining the International Solar Alliance.

"India and Sweden together with other partners are launching the leadership group within the Industry transition track. This initiative will provide a platform for governments and the private sector with opportunities for cooperation in the area of technology innovation. This will help to develop low carbon pathways for the industry." he said.

"In order to make our infrastructure disaster-resilient, India is launching a Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure. I invite Member states to join this coalition," he said.

Modi referred to his call on the Independence Day for a peoples movement to end the use of single-use plastic.

"I hope that this will create awareness at a global level about the harmful effects of single-use plastic," he said.

Modi said that solar panels on the roof of the UN building, funded by India at a cost of one million dollars, will be inaugurated on Monday.

"The time for talking is over; the world needs to act now," he said.

The Prime Minister said it was his first opportunity to address the United Nations after receiving the Champion of the Earth award last year and was pleased that his first meeting in New York was on the subject of climate.

"What is needed today, is a comprehensive approach which covers everything from education to values, and from lifestyle to developmental philosophy. What we need is a global people's movement to bring about behavioral change," he said.

He said various efforts were being made by different countries to fight climate change.

"We must accept that if we have to overcome a serious challenge like climate change, then what we are doing at the moment is just not enough," he said.

The Prime Minister said that respect for nature, judicious use of resources, reducing needs and living within means have all been important aspects of India's traditions and present-day efforts.

"Need not Greed has been our guiding principle," he said.

He said India has provided clean cooking gas to 150 million families.

"In India, we are going to increase the share of non-fossil fuel, and by 2022 we plan to increase our renewable energy capacity to much beyond 175 GW, and later till 450 GW. We have made plans to make our transport sector green through e mobility. India is also working to considerably increase the proportion of the biofuel blend in petrol and diesel," he said.

"We have launched the Jal Jeevan mission for water conservation, rainwater harvesting and for the development of water resources. India is going to spend approximately 50 billion dollars on this in the next few years," he said.

The Prime Minister said that almost 80 countries have joined India's International Solar Alliance campaign.