Musk tweets how Tesla could help in producing millions of Covid vaccine doses

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Last Updated: Fri, Jul 3rd, 2020, 01:09:32hrs

Amid a crazy schedule to meet car-delivery deadlines and a Space Mission, Tesla is also helping build microfactories for producing Covid vaccines.

In a tweet on Wednesday Tesla's maverick CEO Elon Musk revealed that these factories could help produce millions of doses of vaccine once a formulation gets approved.

At the moment the factories are being built for CureVac, a German firm researching and developing transportable, automated, mRNA production units called printers.

Although Musk did not delve into the details, he said Tesla was open to building similar production facilities for other pharmaceutical firms as well.

Here is Musk's tweet:

The recent tweet from Musk is in stark contrast to his comments two months ago where he referred to the pandemic around Covid-19 as a "dumb" one. Back then he tweeted, "The coronavirus panic is dumb,"

Surprisingly, the covid pandemic has done little to damage investor confidence in Tesla or its Maverick CEO. Tesla's performance in the past 12 months with Musk in the driving-seat is stellar. The company has regularly been meeting production deadlines and on Wednesday pipped General Motors and Fiat Chrysler to become the world's richest car-manufacturing company. It even out-raced Japanese carmaker Toyota on market valuation metrics. Although sales have stagnated, more investors are willing to bet on the futuristic vision of Musk.