'No mass trimming' clarifies Infosys while issuing pink-slips

Source : IANS
Author : IANS
Last Updated: Wed, Nov 6th, 2019, 20:21:28hrs
'No mass trimming' clarifies Infosys while issuing pink-slips
Bengaluru: Global software major Infosys has terminated the services of non-performing employees at multiple levels as part of its involuntary attrition, a company source clarified on Tuesday.

"As a high performance organisation, involuntary attrition is integral to normal course of business and this (sacking) should not be interpreted as any mass trimming across any level in particular," clarified the city-based IT behemoth in an e-mail with this agency.

Terming a media report on involuntary attrition speculative with unofficial numbers (data points), the source clarified that the company was not laying off thousands of its employees at multiple levels.

"The media report is a mere speculation and sensationalisation with wrong data points, which the company never shared," the source asserted.

Involuntary attrition, a jargon used by the companies for firing or sacking employees for not measuring up to its expectations or high standards of performance, has been taking place at the company over a few quarters.

"This is not laying off, if you don't perform for two years or two quarters or whatever then you are asked to go, it's a performance related thing," the source pointed out.

Infosys rival, Wipro, also based in this tech hub, regularly discloses quarterly in its employment metrics the number of software engineers who resign on their own for various reasons and those who quit involuntarily when they are found non-performing.

"We don't hand over pink slips to our employees. We can't share the data as they are internal processes. We don't tell our people you are redundant and hence can leave tomorrow," affirmed the source.

Unlike other firms the world over, the $11-billion Infosys gives its non-performing techies sufficient time to shape up before being asked to go.

Clarifying that disruptive technologies were not factored in assessing the performance of its geeks, the source said "it is a cool narrative but that is not what it is."

The outsourcing firm's consolidated attrition rate on an annualized basis declined marginally to 21.7 per cent for the second quarter (July-September) of this fiscal (2019-20) from 23.4 per cent a quarter ago and 22.2 per cent a year ago.

The company sequentially added 7,457 techies in the quarter under review (Q2) and a whopping 18,747 employees on an yearly basis from the same period a year ago.

The company's headcount is 236,486 as against 229,029 a quarter ago and 217,739 a year ago.

Indian IT majors, Cognizant and Infosys were reported of firing as many as 20,000 employees from their rolls. An unverified report speculated the Cognizant was likely to layoff 7,000 technology employees. The same report also speculated that jobs majorly affected at Infosys ranged from associates, middle & senior managers as well as senior executives such as Vice Presidents and SVPs.

At Cognizant the major job-losers were from the content moderation business. Cognizant's role in content moderation business, especially that of Facebook has been documented here. This report explains the harsh conditions of Facebook content moderators and how traumatized workers took to sexual practices at workplace and drugs to get over their work' stress. A few days prior to the work stress report caught global attention, Cognizant announced a wellness emotional support system for staffers.