Patel resigned to protect RBI; opposition united to stop BJP's assault: Rahul Gandhi

Last Updated: Tue, Dec 11, 2018 12:10 hrs
Rahul Gandhi (PTI image)

Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Monday said Urjit Patel resigned as Governor of Indian's central bank because he wanted to protect the institution RBI.

"There is an assault from the BJP on the institutions like RBI and CBI among others. RBI Governor is resigning because he is protecting the institution of RBI," said Gandhi.

Flanked by leaders of various opposition parties, Rahul was speaking to media here, after a crucial meeting of 18 parties on the eve of Parliament's Winter Session, beginning Tuesday.

"RBI Governor is resigning because he is protecting the institution. Taking away reserves from the RBI to save your skin is an act against this nation. I am very proud that people from all walks of life and institutions are standing up to it," Gandhi said.

Earlier in the day, RBI's 24th Governor Urjit Patel resigned from the post, citing personal reasons.

Outlining the opposition unity to fight against the BJP's onslaught on institutions like RBI, Rahul further said, "Urjit Patel resigned because he could no longer work with this government. There was a consensus in the room that we have to stop BJP's assault on institutions, be it CBI, RBI, Election Commission and on the Constitution."

Congress president Gandhi also asserted that there was a consensus among the opposition parties that "BJP's corruption on demonetisation, Rafale and other areas is not acceptable and we are going to fight it. We are also going to have similar coordination, inside the Parliament as well as outside the House."

Gandhi also insisted that the goal of the united opposition was to defeat BJP. "This is a process. It is bringing together everybody. I said in the room that voices in this room are voices of the opposition in the country. Our goal is to defeat the BJP, protect India's Constitution and our institutions," he added.

On Monday, leaders from as many as 18 key opposition parties, including two former Prime Ministers-Manmohan Singh and HD Deve Gowda, and many incumbent and former chief ministers, took part in the crucial meeting held before the starting of Parliament's Winter Session from Tuesday.