Pay and Use Washroom start-up Fresh Rooms gets funding of Rs 3 crores

Last Updated: Wed, Nov 28, 2018 17:44 hrs
Ashutosh Giri

Fresh Rooms, a sanitation start-up shared a release saying, it received a seed funding of Rs 30 crores from an angel investor.

Fresh Rooms' business model works around the concept of pay-and-use washrooms. The company says that this is the world's first of its kind model, replete with a luxurious and hygienic space to freshen up. The company also says that there will be added advantages such as a Cafe, Luggage room, and rest rooms.

Ashutosh Giri, Fresh Rooms's founder says their business model is the extension to the modern-day "Smart Toilet". Their product ensures customers get to experience a smart washroom that automatically cleanses after every use.

Fresh Room washrooms will maintain the temperature according to the weather and will automatically clean after every use unlike the other existing pay-and-use public toilets. Washrooms will be maintained based on high hygiene parameters. Users will get points for charges that they pay for washroom usage, which they can redeem for buying a freshly brewed cup of their favourite beverage.

Giri adds that Fresh Rooms, completely works on the eco-friendly model of waste management and water-recycling facilities. Most of the operations will be powered by solar energy.

Users are also notified of information pertaining to surrounding washrooms via an App.

With the funding available, Fresh Rooms is confident of launching its first product. Funding will also be used to expand the brand to major key cities and busy destinations. The first Fresh Room is expected to be launched in Bengaluru..

Explaining the angel investment, Giri said, "To translate our idea into reality, we needed a fund and today, we have received an angel investment of Rs 30 Million from Angel Investor . We are happy to receive this initial support, which will help to change Indians experience of public toilets."

"The perception about public toilets in India is completely gloomy. That’s why we have taken this challenge to change the entire eco-system of public sanitisation. Nowhere else in the world such facilities are available," added Giri.