Pediatrician initiative Docterz forays into franchisee model to connect with 1.2 billion children

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Last Updated: Sat, Aug 17th, 2019, 23:20:30hrs
Pediatrician initiative Docterz forays into franchisee model to connect with 1.2 billion children
Mumbai: Docterz At School, an initiative to offer medico-legal services to schools has begun a franchise system to onboard schools and institutions across pan India.

The initiative offers medico-legal facilities such as fully equipped medical equipments, SOPs to handle emergencies, and even health-screening programs for determining physical, mental and psychological health of students. These facilities which are usually cost intensive for schools and educational institutions will be deployed within school premises by Docterz. Besides steep capital expenses, there is also a constant operational expenditure for schools to manage these resources.

At present Docterz at School operates such facilities at schools in cities such as Siliguri, Patna, Aurangabad, Jalna, Osmanabad, Vapi, and Palanpur. A franchisee model is expected to help add to the school network in more cities. Nearly 30 schools in Mumbai are already using the services and the brand aspires to reach 1.2 billion children via the school network.

Dr Atish Laddad, the founder and director in a conversation with explained that their objective is to reach out to 1.2 billion children via educational institutions. He said, "Schools have to often manage a degree of infrastructure to deal with emergencies. But, by the time patients reach a hospital, the situation may have worsened. This, simply because the first-aid is insufficient to prevent mortalities. With our practice, we have an SOP (Standard operating Procedure) and documentation process to avert such mishaps."

With children spending more time at school, the makers of the program say that it is important in offering first-rate healthcare within the school premises.

At the core of the initiative is the Docterz At School app, essentially a tech platform which any paediatrician, dentist or ophthalmologist can operate on. The app converts non-scientific facts into scientific data and compiles them into various reports. The Docterz initiative is a holistic program to ensure physical, mental, emotional and psychological health of a child is thoroughly taken care of. Schools are also armed with an emergency team that comprises of Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) trained nurse on the school campus. There are also tie-ups with local pediatric hospitals and intensivist teams.

Dr Laddad added, "In many cases, the first-aid may not suit the real emergency situation. For example, a child having convulsions may see suffer more damage by the time he or she is admitted to a hospital. Our first-aid treatment is suited to offer better care. Besides phsyical health, we also offer pscyhological tests and maintain a statistical report with schools. This data can tell what percentage of kids are getting hyper-active or obese in a very scientific manner."

Speaking of the franchisee model, Docterz at School is keen to set-up a base in schools within Jhunjhuni/Sikhar, Indore, Bhopal, Nanded / Parbhani and Guwahati by the end of the year. Dr. Laddad explains that there are various models for schools to start from. "It depends on the school management on what medico-legal infrastructure they are keen to implement. They can get us as an advisor to do a healthcare audit, and then there are others who expect an end to end infrastructure with an intensive care setup on the school campus."

When asked about the commercial angle, he says, "We dont see it from a commerce angle, but from a social one. At present, the volumes helps us render these services at a reasonable price."