Purchasing Life Insurance? Here's what you should do

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Last Updated: Wed, Sep 22nd, 2021, 12:01:48hrs
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What is one of the essential measures to protect the financial future of your family? Indeed, it is to buy a life insurance policy. Purchasing life insurance is crucial as it provides a considerable claim amount that can help your dependant survivors lead a stress-free life. They can pay for their daily household expenses, debts, monthly expenditures like school fees, utility bills, long-term goals such as buying a home, etc., with this substantial amount of money.

If you invest in a life insurance policy today, you will be able to plan your finances accordingly and streamline your expenses. However, to become an aware and well-informed investor, start by exploring several life insurance quotes, then you must know what to remember and avoid when buying a life insurance cover.

Things To Consider While Buying A Life Insurance Plan

Here are some of the critical things to consider when buying a life insurance plan for you:

1. Determine The Life Cover Amount

You need to determine the Life insurance cover amount. Your decision must be based on your liabilities, number of people in the family, your current income, your assets, existing Life cover in case you have, etc. As per the experts, it is suggested that your cover amount must be around ten times your income, so calculate the life insurance quotes accordingly.  

2. Know The Details

It is imperative to dedicate some time to understand your policy well. Moreover, it would help if you inquired about essential things regarding the insurance policy, such as the exact premium of your life insurance plan and its tax benefits. Additionally, it would also help to know about the claim settlement ratio, speed of the claim settlement process, services offered through the digital platform, and much more.

3. Choose The Tenure

One of the critical decisions is to decide for how long you require the coverage. Life insurance plans can last for a stipulated amount of time, which is known as term life. You can decide the tenure based on several factors such as family responsibility milestones, financial goals, etc. 

4. Beneficiary Name

It is vital to decide on the name of your life insurance beneficiary. A beneficiary is a person who receives the claim settlement amount of your insurance policy. There are specific rules of nominating the beneficiary, such as you cannot name a minor child as your beneficiary. Do your due diligence and evaluate the best options you have for selecting a beneficiary.

5. Research

Knowing everything about life insurance quotes and plans, such as insurance policy details, what it covers, the best insurance policy providers, types of life insurance, how the premium is calculated for the sum insured, etc., is critical. You can always search for trusted sources and well-known insurance brands on the internet and read extensively about the life cover policy. Alternatively, you can even consult insurance advisors and get detailed information from them.

Things To Avoid While Buying A Life Insurance Plan

Now that you know what to do while buying a life cover plan, check out these pointers that emphasize what you must not do while comparing life insurance quotes.  

1. Insufficient Cover

A life insurance policy is bought with the main reason for mitigating risk and covering the expenses of one’s dependents. This is the reason why we should be cautious while deciding the cover amount.

It has been observed that many people are unable to assess the financial requirements and end up buying a low cover policy. Hence, it is suggested that while purchasing a life plan, you must pick a cover that remains sufficient in the long run.

2. Not Checking The Claim Settlement Policy

The most important reason for purchasing a life cover plan is to facilitate money to your beneficiary in the case of a mishap. If you don’t get that amount of money quickly and it causes you a lot of hassle, there is no point in having a policy. Therefore, one of the most critical factors to keep in mind while calculating the life insurance quotes and choosing a provider is to know what the claim settlement ratio of your insurance provider is.

The claim settlement ratio talks volumes about the credibility and reliability of the insurer. When you know you have a trusted insurer such as Max Life Insurance, the company maintains an exceptional claim settlement ratio to keep you hassle-free, you will have peace of mind.

3. Not Reading The Policy Document

It is crucial to read your life cover plan document well to know its inclusions and exclusions. Though the policy document may be lengthy, and it might get tedious to read it all, it is still recommended that the insured read all the essential details to know what has been provided to him.

While a term insurance policy is ideal for securing your family’s future, there is also a benefit that the policyholder can enjoy while the policy is active - tax benefits. As per the 1961 Income Tax rule, you can avail of a considerable tax deduction under the life insurance policy every financial year, under section 80C of the act.

Take the first step towards buying a life insurance policy and ensure that your family stays protected and financially secure even when you are not around. 

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