RBI's moratorium extension may be negative for NBFCs: Report

Source :IANS
Author :IANS
Last Updated: Fri, May 22nd, 2020, 15:25:55hrs

New Delhi: The RBI decision to further extend moratorium period to term borrowers may be negative for all NBFCs (including the ones with strong liability franchises) as this would further delay the overall collection and recovery procedure, and stretch the total liquidity cycle for all, a report from a brokerage said on Friday.

According to a quick analysis of RBI decisions done by Emkay Global, the extension of moratorium would further damage financial discipline, especially for small-ticket borrowers and MFIs and may result in bigger problems for sector ahead.

While NBFC may face pressure from delays in recovery of loans, there is no clarity yet over moratorium extension for NBFCs from banks. Most of the large NBFCs stayed away from opting for moratorium; however, they also need to change stance over this. Hence, confusion multiplies now, the brokerage said.

Another worry, the report added, remains over absence of clarity over asset reclassification standstill which is expected to expire on May 31. In the absence of an extension, there could be a large chunk of NPA additions, along with sizeable increase in provision requirement for all lenders.

The RBI, though has clarified that asset classification standstill will continue during the moratorium/deferment period from March 1 to August 31. Thereafter, the normal ageing norms shall apply.

Although the 40bps cut in policy rate cut would support margins, especially for better NBFCs, further moratorium extension would be a bigger trouble for large ones now, Emkay said.

"We have been reiterating that HFCs are better placed in comparison with AFCs. However, near-term pressure for all is inevitable. BAF, CIFC and MMFS could be a little more vulnerable now," the brokerage said.