Sachin Upadhyay- An entrepreneur who motivated people for empowerment

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Last Updated: Fri, May 22nd, 2020, 17:19:23hrs
Sachin Upadhyay

New Delhi [India] May 22 (ANI/Digpu): New business owners have one thing in common; they have to be master of improvisation. The ability to make bold decisive decisions for an entrepreneur makes them pivot quickly in growing direction.

Sachin Upadhyay, a young entrepreneur and motivational speaker has brought a positive change in the lives of millions of people and youngsters. Growing up in a business family, he learnt the basic ethics of business early.
Sachin said that his family taught him the best thing to do is never cheat anyone that will help you to make your name as a brand. A foodpreneur by passion, he has built a tribe of his own on his social media circuits. While viewing Sachin social media profiles, you will realize, just how many people draw inspiration from his foodpreneur journey!
From being a social media expert to becoming one of the most loved foodpreneur, the journey has been impeccable. "Life is a race to grow one's industry and the one who grows it, goes ahead," said Sachin while speaking about his exponential growth.
As an entrepreneur, Sachin started his first venture and journey with a social media marketing and branding company in the year of 2012, in which he worked extensively with the real estate sector.
He understands the essence of a house for a middle-class household and therefore, Sachin founded 'Utkarsh Developers' in 2015. He has actively changed the status quo with affordable and state-of-the-art housing and successfully completed seven projects to date.
From entrepreneur to foodpreneur
Not stopping at that, Sachin ventured out in the foodservice industry. He started his first restaurant chain 'Bol Biryani' in 2018 which started establishing franchises within six months. With time and experience came great ideas as well.
Sachin went on to start 'MoMo Calling', which is famous for providing an exhaustive variety of momos. Recently Sachin founded 'Legends of Grill' in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh.
"The increase of special offers, discounts and deals has attracted more attendees to the casual dining space, which has also witnessed changes owing to the advent of technology. Start-ups have not only been providing special deals for customers but they have also innovated to bring a variety of tools for restaurant owners to tap into more customers," said Sachin.
Outlook as a foodpreneur
As a businessman who did not look back in his business ever, with only focussing on growth and planning, Sachin wants the taste of food to circulate all over India.
He strongly believes that in order to succeed in the foodservice industry, it is imperative to grow and maintain franchises with increasing ROI. Sachin said that he aimed to create at least 150 outlets by the end of 2021.
As a foodpreneur, his envisions redefining the customer relationship management system for the restaurant industry and also offering high-quality food with the best discounts for the customers.
Vision for the real estate industry
As a real estate developer, Sachin understands the hassles of purchasing residential and commercial properties. In light of this, Sachin is going to launch a digital platform 'My Recin'.
The portal will enable buyers to actively track progress on the project and the stage of completion. The buyer can also find relevant documents, compliances, and feedbacks from old residents.
"I come from a business family and therefore, I work towards creating opportunities and value for others. I believe that this will lead to a path of mutual growth. I have always been focussed and have never lost hope as an entrepreneur," said Sachin when Digpu asked why he chose to be an entrepreneur in an already competitive industry.
In a brave mission of empowerment by creating employment, Sachin is ready to foray into all new domains.
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