Subrata Roy goes electric, Lucknow-made electric vehicles coming under Sahara Evols brand

Last Updated: Tue, Jun 04, 2019 19:37 hrs
Sahara Group Chairman Subrata Roy speaks during a news conference in Kolkata

Lucknow, famous for kebabs, ittars (perfume), and Tehzeeb (mannerisms) could soon be commencing production of electric vehicles under the brand name of Sahara Evols.

The entity responsible for manufacturing EVs from the city is a part of Sahara Group, owned and promoted by Subrata Roy.

On Tuesday, reports confirmed that a variety of electric scooters, motorcycles, three-wheelers, and cargo vehicles have been ideated by the firm. It is also reported that Sahara was introducing a network of battery charging-cum-swapping stations.

And within a time-span of one year, the company is reported as expanding its ecosystem to tier-2 and tier-3 cities. A Pan-India roll-out is expected by the next financial year.

Subrata Roy, referred by many from the group as 'Saharasri' is quoted on the company website as saying "The world today is going through one of its worst environmental crisis. One of the leading causes of pollution in our country is vehicle emission and here came the thought of Electric Vehicles."

"I am proud to introduce SAHARA EVOLS – a range of Electric Vehicles that will not only offer an eco-friendly transport solution for our citizens but also make their daily commuting easy and pocket friendly," the quote reads.

What makes Sahara Evols' an endearing option is the cost of driving the vehicle. Roy is quoted in media reports explaining the cost of the Evols could go as low as Rs 0.20 per kilometer. By his own assessment, it was hundred times lower than the petrol variants that cost as much as Rs 2 per kilometer. This, he believed would result in substantial economic benefits to users.

More updates and developments are yet to be announced.

Roy's bet on the electric-vehicles category will be key to pushing his fortunes. Being hailed in 2012 as among India's 10 most powerful people, Roy's stature too may have taken a beating in recent times. The last heard on a case involving Roy was the Supreme Court asking the Chief to explain delays in paying arrears over two deposit schemes that were declared illegal by SEBI, the market regulator.

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