Survey finds what worries Indian Urbans the most

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Last Updated: Tue, Dec 31st, 2019, 21:58:25hrs
Survey finds what worries Indian Urbans the most
New Delhi: An international survey of 20,000 adults has summarized what depresses adult Indians the most.

The survey by market research firm Ipsos documents the findings in a report named "What Worries the World".

Concerns about joblessness are on the rise in India as this new survey has revealed that unemployment is what worries a whopping 46 percent of urban Indians the most.

The results states that at least three per cent more urban Indians were worried about unemployment in November than a month ago. The study is based on a sample size of at least 500 individuals from India. The survey also interviewed a similar sample-size of respondents from other countries such as Israel, Mexico, China, Poland, Russia etc.

The survey indicated that some of the other issues worrying Indians include financial and political corruption, crime and violence, poverty and social inequality and climate change.

Here are some prominent take-aways from the survey:

Mainland China continues to enjoy the highest National Index with a score of 69.1, followed by Saudi Arabia (62.8), the United States (61.9), and India (61.1). At the opposite end of the spectrum, Turkey stands at the bottom of the National Index with a score of 33.7, followed by Argentina (37.8) and Russia (38.1).

Jobs Index dropped by 5.7 percent

Expectations Index dropped by 2.4 percent

Investments index improved by 3 percent.

Here is an infograph:

Img courtesy: Ipsos

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"Government will need to put a greater emphasis on job creation as lack of jobs continues to bother urban Indians, as more youngsters keep getting added to the job market. Also, tighter controls are needed to address other niggling issues," Parijat Chakraborty, Country Service Line Leader, Public Affairs & Corporate Reputation, Ipsos India, said in a statement.

Worries notwithstanding, majority of the urban Indians polled (69 per cent) said that they are optimistic about the direction in which India is headed.

Global citizens on the contrary, were seen to be highly pessimistic about the future, with 61 per cent of those polled saying their country is on the wrong track.

The survey is conducted monthly in 28 countries around the world via the Ipsos Online Panel system.

Some tweets on unemployment: