Tackling Corona, building hospitals, salaries even when work is halted, the Reliance style

Source : IANS
Last Updated: Thu, Mar 26th, 2020, 12:27:47hrs
Tackling Corona, building hospitals, salaries even when work is halted, the Reliance style

Mumbai:  It seems the world's richest Indian has set his sights on eradicating his motherland free of Coronavirus. The detailed plan of how Mr Ambani and his company of 6 lakh devoted members plan to achieve that vision should give goose-bumps. For the corporate captains and HR leaders, there's tons of invaluable insight in RIL's plan.

RIL's plans unveiled at the start of this week on Monday may sound as too much money being spent when taking an exit-route could have been an easier approach. At a time of pandemic such as a Coronavirus, an exit is the usual button that capitalist organizations could be tempted to hit even if doing so leaves employees stranded. But not RIL.

Surprisingly, this company's approach has clicked well with investors on D-Street. RIL stocks have zoomed by 22 percent in two trading sessions on the Bombay Stock Exchange and with that the company has regained the crown of India's most valued Indian firm from TCS. Stocks have also zoomed after a little chatter in markets about a large social media giant probably buying a part of Jio.

Here are key pointers of Reliance's #CoronaHaaregaIndiaJeetega campaign. The indepth can be read in PDF format from a filing published on BSE.

1. Hospitals: The Reliance Foundation has funded for the 100 bed Seven Hills Hospital in Marol, Mumbai for patients testing positive for Coronavirus. The hospital has infrastructure such as ventilators, pacemakers, dialysis machine and patient monitoring devices. The hospital also has a negative pressure room that helps in preventing cross contamination and helps control infection.

The Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital also offers special medical facilities to quarantine travellers from notified countries and suspected cases identified through contact tracing. The commpany also claims of having built a fully-equipped isolation facility in Lodhivali in Maharashtra. The hospital was launched by Dhirubhai Ambani in 1998. RIL does not report of the facilities but the isolation unit has been handed over to the District authorities.

2. Salaries continue even for temporary workers: RIL says that it will continue to pay all of its contract and temporary workers, even if work has halted during the crisis. Also, salaries for Reliance employees earning below Rs 30,000 per month, the salaries will be paid twice a month to protect cashflow and mitigate overwhelming financial burden.

3. Tackling corona: A slew of measures have been announced by RIL as part of its core tackling coronavirus campaign, the highlights include:

Free meals in various cities.

Work done by Reliance Life Sciences in working towards a cure from the virus.

Communication collaboration with government to work on areas such as Corona Helpdesk and free fuel for emergency services.

4. Reliance Retail: 736 grocery stores are working to ensure supply of essential food including fruits, vegetables, and items of daily use. The availability of such stores only tells Indians not to stock up. All the stores have well-designed SOPs. These stores also offer a pick-up from store facility and home delivery for senior citizens.

The above activities are in addition to what RIL is already offering under the Jio umbrella- digital telephony, 4G and mobile connectivity services. RIL has also said that it has donated Rs 5 crores to the Chief Minister's relief fund.