Tesla accidentally gives forum user access to 1.5 million accounts

Last Updated: Tue, Nov 20, 2018 16:17 hrs
The logo of Tesla is seen in Taipei

California: A Tesla Model 3 customer who simply wanted to complain about the harrowing experience he had during his car delivery process barely knew he would end up with access to millions of the complaint forum users' accounts.

The customer, Daniel Eleff, took to Tesla's official forum to complain about the issue. However, when he realised his post was not visible, he contacted the customer service who in turn promised to raise the request to the IT department, he explained on his website DansDeals.com.

Now, to Eleff's surprise, he was given full administrator access to the forum and he could edit or delete posts on the forum. Not only that, he also was given access to the user information of 1.5 million accounts.

Eleff raised the concerns to Tesla which obviously revoked the access as soon as it was reported. However, for a company like Tesla, it is pretty embarrassing to have a sizeable breach of user information which had the potential to be misused.