That one from OnePlus has split, Is 8T or Nord launch to be blamed?

Source :Sify
Author :Tech-Desk
Last Updated: Tue, Oct 13th, 2020, 17:52:55hrs

OnePlus better be called just 'One' or 'Plus'. That, if latest reports on Carl Pei's surprise exit are to be believed.

Pei, the reticent co-founder of OnePlus may have seperated from a company that he so lovingly started with Pete Lau in 2012.

A TechCrunch report cited a few sources stating that Carl was in talks to raise capital. Was Pei starting a TwoMinus? Was he also against settling? Nobody knows yet.

Pei, who was responsible for bringing the Nord, the sub-30k budget series, may have been replaced with Emily Dai. Dai until recently was the head of operations in India. She has moved as head of Nord development. The news was reported by Android Police who premised their finding on a Reddit leak.

With barely days between the Nord launch and the upcoming OnePlus 8T 5G launch on October 14, most fans would not raise an eyebrow. However, it should certainly raise an important question. Pei was among the heads responsible for design, experience and technology. Was his exit around creative issues surrounding OnePlus 8T or the Nord?

The Nord's marketing campaign was elaborate and the top-end variant managed to go out of stock several times since launch. But, several leading reviewers complained of the 4-camera setup. Also, a plastic frame is usually not what OnePlus regular customers expect. Did Pei also complain of similar things?

The exit also brings another question to the fore - Will the OP 8T with its 120 Hz display and the OxygenOS 11 meet expectations?

Pei's probable exit is a sad turn of events for a Chinese brand that has managed to hold on its own.

When the OnePlus X arrived, it was no name. Indian buyers, until six years ago, saw Chinese products as spurious. The popular phrase for such devices was "Chali toh Chaand taq, varnaa Shaam taq". Moreover, the OnePlus brand initially looked more or less like a math riddle. (OnePlus kitna? Do!)

In six years, OnePlus managed to do what was unexpected of even the Chinese. Win Trust!

Of date, the OnePlus brand started by Pete Lau and Carl Pei in 2012 from Shenzhen, offers impressive specs, top notch value for money, a great user experience, an unparalleled after market experience, catchy taglines, and even the legendary Amitabh Bachchan for one of their campaigns. That they got Iron Man -- Robert Downey Jr to endorse for their campaigns this year, takes their marketing to a different level.

Their promise of two years support for every device and flagship quality specs were reasons why customers shirked from Apples, Samsungs, and the budget phones of Redmi.