The complete list of BIS hallmarked gold jewellers in Chennai

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Last Updated: Fri, Nov 16th, 2018, 17:00:06hrs
The complete list of BIS hallmarked gold jewellers in Chennai
Quality and transparent transactions are best to be ensured while buying and selling Gold. Hallmarking can negate all the elements of risks while making a Gold related transaction. It is in the best interests of both buyers and sellers to insist on hallmarked Gold.

Gold Hallmarking is optional and hence not many sellers are aware of the benefits of hallmarked jewellery. A BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) seal the guarantee when it comes to purity. A certification from BIS assures one of the quality and caratage of their Gold ornaments.

Jewellers may pass off inferior quality jewellery (with a higher percentage of impurities) as 22-carat gold. To avoid this, buyers should ensure buying gold from a BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) hallmarked jeweller.

Also, do insist on the bill. Yes, this means you will have to pay GST on the gold you buy and on making charges. But it does promote transparency and provides you assurance.

The bill will also aid you if you have to approach a BIS hallmarking centre or a consumer court if you suspect that you have been cheated.

We have the complete list of BIS hallmarked jewellers in Chennai.

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