Twitter received fewer account data requests by the US government

Last Updated: Mon, May 20, 2019 13:24 hrs
Twitter (Image Courtesy: AP)

In its 14th transparency report, Twitter revealed how the number of global information requests dropped in the period between July-December 2018.

In its official blog, Twitter highlighted that the US submitted 6 per cent fewer information requests than the last reporting period. The States comprises of only 30 per cent of the global government information requests and Japan submitted the second highest volume of requests, while India made 6 per cent of the volume of the global requests.

In terms of content removal, Twitter removed a total of 166,513 accounts, a 19 per cent decrease, related to the promotion of terrorism. It also suspended a total of 456,989 unique accounts for violations related to child sexual exploitation, down by 6 per cent from previous period.