Wagga Wagga offers cooking oil grown in non polluted environment

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Last Updated: Tue, Jan 21st, 2020, 17:56:09hrs
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Wagga Wagga Cooking Oil

New Delhi [India], Jan 21 (ANI/NewsVoir): Nutritious food is not all about greens and fresh, but also ensuring that they are not contaminated with chemicals, similarly healthy cooking oil is not only about good and bad fats but also about the environment and pollution in the region where the oilseed is grown and processed.

With the rising incidences of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and hypertension, it is probably the cooking oil which got maximum attention from the health-conscious consumers.
From understanding the concept of good fats and the bad fats to learning about PUFA and MUFA composition, buyers today have come a long way in terms of picking healthy cooking oil. However, recent research indicates that to ensure really healthy cooking oil, one needs to be mindful of the quality of air, along with water and soil, in the region where the oilseeds are grown and processed.
Experts suggest that toxic chemicals are making their way into the food chain through air, water and soil. The time has come to choose natural and pollution-free sources. According to an article published in the Nature Climate Change, food production is highly vulnerable to both climate change and air pollution with implications for global food security.
Along with the healthy fats, to reap the benefits of cooking oil, you also need to ensure that the oilseeds are grown in a healthy environment. Rainwater for irrigation and no air pollution - these are the requisites that make your cooking oil really natural and healthy.
While the growing concerns regarding food safety in the country have triggered changes in the food industry, especially in terms of providing organic foods, the focus remains on pesticides and fertilizers used. The environment (Air, Water and Soil) in which the food products are grown is still not considered important.
However, polluted water and air together with contaminated soil passes the contaminants into the food products. Fortunately, there are companies which are going the extra mile to bring you food from pure unpolluted sources for you.
Wagga Wagga is one such a food company which is known to produce their cooking oil from the oilseeds grown on farms in Australia, where soil, water and air are pure, free from pollution and any chemical adulteration.
"Oil being the cooking medium, is present in nearly all the food that you eat, therefore, it is important to use cooking oil that supports your healthy eating by bringing purity from the source to you. Thanks to rising awareness, people have started choosing food items that are chemical Free and are grown naturally," says Adhiraj Sarin, Chairman, Wagga Wagga Oil.
"It is time to recognise environmental pollution as an important risk factor for the quality of the crops and our health. Studies indicate that along with water and soil pollution, air pollution is also significantly affecting crop production and quality. This broadly means, no matter how healthy your cooking oil is, if it is grown in a polluted environment (Air, water and soil) it will not support your healthy lifestyle," added Sarin.
"Research indicates that the extent of damage done by air pollution varies from plant to plant. Unfortunately, oilseeds fall into the high-risk category, making it even more important for the consumers to ensure that the source of their cooking oil is pollution-free. This is why we make our cooking oil from the oilseeds grown and processed in Australia, where the soil, water and air are in still in their purest form, free from pollution and any chemical contamination, just as nature intended," says Dhruv Kakar, Marketing Manager, Wagga Wagga Oil.
Making the cooking oil truly healthy and fresh, Wagga Wagga goes an extra mile, ensuring that complete processing from the seed to oil is accomplished within 24 hours. With their policy of adhering to non-GM seeds, Wagga Wagga offers one of the healthiest and wholesome cooking oil to the Indian consumers.
So next time you plan your grocery shopping keep in mind that you now have a really healthy and natural option.
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