Watch this Grand Theft: 26 Apple iphones and macbooks flashed in under 30 seconds

Last Updated: Wed, Jul 11, 2018 16:14 hrs
Apple iphones

A Youtube image of the Grand Theft, shows robbers in action.

It might take you more than half a minute to read this story. And by the end of it, there is probability that you might end up pondering on how well to utilize limited time.

Well, a group of burglars opted to be on the wrong-side of law and ended up robbing an Apple store. The robbers utilized limited time, under 30 seconds, robbing an Apple store.

Surprisingly, there was no display of guns, knives or arms of any sort.

The group decamped with 26 products valued at $27,000 or nearly Rs 19 lakhs.

These group of shoplifters were found wearing hoods and sweatpants, visiting an Apple store in California. A store located at Fashion Fair Mall in Fresno Caliornia.

The list of burgled items includes iPhones- 6,7,8 and even the X. Also on the list were a couple of Macbooks.

Stunned customers were left shocked and in search of thought even as the crooks made away with stolen goods. While some remained dumb-struck, a six year old kid got so frightened that she hid under a table.

The entire incident was recorded on a security camera. The video shows two robbers working at lightning speed- shutting laptop lids, and dismantling phones and laptops from security ropes. Although the video does not clearly show the robbers yanking off iPhones, a spokesperson for the local police confirmed that various iPhone models were indeed robbed.

The only customer who showed some presence of mind, was a burly mid-aged, baseball-cap clad visitor, who tried to stop the robbers from escapaing. But, the robbers sent him flying within a few micro-seconds.

Investigating officials were quoted in news reports that the robbery that took place on Saturday at 11:30 AM, may have involved teens aged 16-18. Officials also believe the involvement of a getaway driver.

Cops are trying to ascertain if the current case has any connection to a similar robbery in San Luis Obispo, California.

Here is a Youtube video from the Fresno Store: