What do food delivery, cooking, cycling, homeschool and bored have in common?

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Last Updated: Wed, May 20th, 2020, 00:49:49hrs

What do food, cooking, cycling, homeschool and bored have in common? Those are the four keywords most searched on Google in a pandemic struck world. According to Google's internal data, these keywords have recorded phenomenal growth.

"Food delivery services" for example has witnessed more than 300 percent year on year growth. The bulk of the searches are coming as netizens world over stay glued to their smartphones trying to watch recipes. Cooking videos recorded a 31 percent growth from last year.  

The need to stock essential goods such as medicines, sanitizers, gloves and masks resulted in keyword such as "Online pharmacy" witnessing over a 100 percent spurt.  

"As of this week, there are over four billion people staying home worldwide. And while we don't know how or when this crisis will resolve, we do have new insight into how people''s needs and behaviors are changing," read a Google blog.

Netizens in the US have also shown interest in things such as telecommuting and continues to grow with no sign of slowing down. There is also growing search interest for "stationary bicycle" worldwide since the beginning of the year. The trend is gaining particularly in Spain and France while the one in UK is "dumbbell set" said Google's data.

With most of the world resorting to a lockdown and rules being strictly enforced, online is the only recourse for netizens to stay connected, informed and cope up with stress. To get over stress, meditation-related videos have soared 51 percent higher than the same period in 2019.

With schools and colleges closed; parents, teachers and students are turning to YouTube to adapt to school closures and at-home education. According to YouTube data, average daily views of videos with "homeschool" or "home school" in the title have increased more than 120 per cent globally since March 2020.

People are also searching for things to do when they are bored. Searches for "bored" spiked significantly in March, and search interest for "games," "puzzles," and "colouring books" have increased since the beginning of the year, Google said.

Coronavirus pandemic and the associated lockdown have not only resulted in traffic on Google but have considerably increased overall internet traffic as well. In India, internet peak traffic surged 40 percent in March in India and there was significant spike in downloads and uploads per user, owing to the high volume of work and streaming content across all major cities including tier II markets.