Workers vent ire as Coca-Cola sells three bottling unit in North India

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Last Updated: Tue, Dec 24th, 2019, 20:19:28hrs
Workers vent ire as Coca-Cola sells three bottling unit in North India

Workers from three bottling units located in North India are reportedly unhappy with the Cola major Coca-Cola's decision to sell business. Unhappy workers have resorted to a strike at Dasna and Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh. A third plant in Jammu is also reported as facing production issues.

A handful of angry workers tweeted to the Prime Minister and several news channels to share their anguish. According to a tweet, two workers have died of heart-attack post the news on change in management.

A month ago, Coca-Cola's subsidiary Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages announced that it was selling the bottling operations to Kandhari Beverages, Moon beverages, and Ladhani group (SLMG beverages). A Mint report quoted an anonymous person as saying that 500-600 workers of the three plants were unhappy with the company's decision to change management and thereby decided to protest.

A change in management was expected by December 9 at the Dasna plant. Negotiations for at least 359 workers working at the site is still underway. A similar change was expected for the Varanasi plant which was supposed to on-board SLMG management on December 10. However with workers expressing doubt over security of job, and uncertainty of work, the change is taking longer than usual. 

Here are a handful tweets:

Although official sources have declined to comment on the matter, an executive with knowledge of the transaction was reported as explaining the paper that a "transition of such scale takes time and as it is a lean season for the beverage business in north of India, the plants are also undergoing regular maintenance."

*The story is based on social accounts as could not independently verify the facts.

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