Dinesh Elumalai runs through the good, the bad and the ugly of the gameplay for the WWE 2K22, the ninth game under the series

WWE 2K22 was highly anticipated, for both good and bad reasons. Regardless, when 2K announced a new gameplay engine, people were excited about the possibilities.

Following the debacle that was WWE 2K20, 2K did a good enough job with marketing for 2K22 to attract many players who simply wanted to stream it on streaming platforms.

Many YouTube channels eventually sprung up solely to cover this game. WWE and 2K appeared pleased with the high sales figures and extended their agreement until the release of WWE 2K23. I believe this agreement will be extended, and WWE 2K22 is still worth playing right now.

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Is it worth it?

What really stands out about this game, then, is how much it differs from earlier WWE games, where the poor flaws and match flow made the game either uninteresting or impossible. With new wrestler models, a new grappling system, and just a better overall match flow, 2K22 came to the rescue and corrected those bugs.

Having said that, I would argue that the requirement to lock up before performing a move is my biggest quibble with gameplay. Even though it only causes a slight annoyance, it is strange, nonetheless.

I believe that the gameplay itself is not given enough credit. Wrestlers have good movement, and their moves typically hit their opponents where they should. Utilizing firearms now functions better than ever because of the realistic ring reaction and sounds. Ladder matches are among the best advancements.

This time, the reasoning makes more sense, and wrestlers actively attempt to get the briefcase. Additionally, minor details like how much better the crowd was this time around made for a more immersive experience. For instance, the crowd will chant “restart the match” if the game ends in a count out. The commentary is also the best I can recall it being.

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The Royal Rumble

On regular difficulties, you can defeat your adversary simply, but on hard, things get more challenging. I occasionally play on normal to manage the match’s flow and make it successful by allowing my opponent to launch an attack.

It is a fighting game, if you want to play on hard or extremely hard, that’s cool. Many people find that to be preferable. However, I like a realistic strategy for games that replicates the ones that are broadcast on television.

The Royal Rumble contest is very entertaining. You can choose who takes part in the match, whether the admission order is determined randomly or by you. Streamers love this since it is so common. To build theme matches, such as using exclusively cartoon characters, they will employ some of the incredible community creations that are readily available.

There are different kinds of “wrestlers” that can be used thanks to community creations. These creators do amazing work. Whether it is presidents, cartoon characters, or real WWE stars, like Cody Rhodes, who was only recently added to the company after they failed to get him into the game.

WWE 2K22 30 “Legends” Royal Rumble Match!

Who’s in and Who’s out

While these works can provide you a new perspective on the game’s potential quality. Checking these out will undoubtedly improve your experience. Numerous wrestlers on the 2K roster who were still active at the time of the game’s release have left WWE.

With the recent wrestler comebacks under Triple H’s new creative regime, this has been solved. In addition to Braun Strowman’s recent return, Johnny Gargano is back and Karrion Kross has just released an updated version. So that you can play as these wrestlers in Universe mode with a clearer conscience. For some reason, now that the wrestlers have returned, I want to use them a lot more than I did when they were away.

The number of wrestlers on the base roster who have left WWE is still large, but they are slowly but steadily making their way back. We will see who comes up next. The AEW option is an alternative. All AEW wrestlers are accessible for download via community creations, in addition to the ability to make or download an AEW arena.

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The game is quite entertaining to play and has a ton of repeat potential, thanks to community creations. The gameplay is engaging and new because you can assign moves to any of these wrestlers; so many already have their own special moves. With my AEW arena and constructed wrestlers, I will host Raw shows, Dynamite, and Smackdown on Fridays.

Despite this, Universe mode could use more tales. The only true drawback to this whole thing would be that. We can only hope that WWE 2K23 will expand on this.

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WWE 2K22 lived up to the promise with a new gaming engine, MyFaction for fans of card collecting games, MyRise for fans of dynamic story modes, as well as a variety of match types.

Download a lot of wrestlers and have fun if you want to inject some newness into the game. The gameplay is interesting enough to keep you interested, and when something is already fantastic, adding more wrestlers through community creations makes it even better.

Although some may disagree, most people agree that 2K fulfilled their promise to make this game “hit different.”

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