“Awards often become a burden for theatrical releases”, says director Jayaraj

Last Updated: Fri, Jun 28, 2019 11:24 hrs
Roudram 2018

Director Jayaraj, whose seventh film in the ‘Navarasa’ series – Roudram 2018 – will release soon, has said that though there is a crowd in Kerala for serious movies at the film festivals, viewers don’t turn up to watch such experiments at the theatres.

“That is the sad part. In that way, awards often become a burden, when you try for a theatrical release. Everywhere else, appreciation and awards are seen as a merit but in Kerala, even if you give ads showing the awards won by the film, the viewers stay away from the theatres,” he says in an interview with The Hindu.

His Sabdikkunna Kalappa, a short film based on Ponkunnam Varkey’s story of the same title, was shown at the just concluded IDSFFK at the Thiruvananthapuram. 

Roudram 2018 has Renji Panicker and KPAC Leela as an old couple stuck in the garret of a house during last year’s Kerala floods.