Friday Fury-March 20, No Releases for the first time!

Source : SIFY
Last Updated: Fri, Mar 20th, 2020, 17:10:41hrs
 Friday Fury-March 20, No Releases for the first time!

Today March 20 Friday, there will be no releases anywhere in the world including Chennai city! It is for the first time in history of motion pictures as most of the places are under complete lockdown, to stop the spread of the deadly coronavirus which has practically engulfed the world. 

Ajay Srinivasan a techie and film buff tweeted: “Chennai city: No releases, TN : No releases, All-India : No releases. First time in living memory I’m seeing this.”  He has tagged the hashtag #StaySafe #StayHome.

Last Friday, March 3 there were five Tamil releases including medium films like Vikram Prabhu’s Asuraguru, Harish Kalyan’s Dharala Prabhu and Sibi Sathyaraj’s Walter. Four days after these films released on March 16 the government closed down theatres and malls in Tamil Nadu fearing the spread of coronavirus. 

Now it looks like the theatres which were originally closed till March 31 are going to remain shut for a longer period. The Prime Minister Narendra Modi has advised people to stay at home and avoid going out. He has announced complete lockdown for a day on March 22, called Janata Curfew. And the PM in his address to the nation has called for social distancing and to show resolve and restraint in fighting coronavirus. 

Meanwhile Hollywood and Bollywood has announced the postponement of all summer releases. But in Kollywood none of the producers including Vijay’s eagerly awaited Master which was scheduled to release on April 9 has officially announced any postponement in release dates. 

But it looks with India entering the crucial third phase in its fight against coronavirus, the government will reopen cinema halls in a hurry. The buzz is that the government will not take any risk as far as the health of its citizens is concerned. So we are going to be in a state of lockdown for few more weeks and earliest the theatres may reopen will be in the last week of April or first week of May.