Lockdown therapy: RJ Malishka to go live with B'wood celebs on social media

Source : IANS
Author : IANS
Last Updated: Wed, Mar 25th, 2020, 13:45:04hrs

Mumbai, March 25 (IANS) Popular radio personality Malishka, who is also called Mumbai ki Rani, will go live with a string of Bollywood celebrities on social media amid the 21-day lockdown.

She will be going live on Instagram with the celebrities -- who will come be on video call with the RJ.

Malishka told IANS: "Anything from what you wanted to be as a kid to what you are doing right now. What canyon see outside your window? Who's is shopping for you? Just very in the hour questions as to what has this endemic taught you?... And a few things the listeners ask... This is going to be like 'tu meri dost hai' kind of chat..."

According to the RJ, stars who are expected to come on live include names like Vidya Balan, Kriti Sanon, Shirley Sethia among many others.

She said: "I started with Adah Khan, I spoke to Kriti Sanon and asked Arjun Kapoor. Vidya Balan is on today. Several others are lined up like Shirley Sethia on Friday..."