Naanu, Nanna Kanasu

Naanu, Nanna Kanasu


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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 15 May 2010

Movie Title

Naanu, Nanna Kanasu


Prakash Rai

Star Cast

Prakash Rai, Amoolya, Sithara, Achyuth

Naanu, Nanna Kanasu, which means ?me and my dream?, the directorial debut of Prakash Raj, known by his original screen name Prakash Rai in Karnataka, had generated a lot of interest in Sandalwood. And the actor-turned-director does not disappoint his fans.

The national-award winning actor has selected a simple story and the narration is straight. It explores the relationship between a father and his daughter. His life revolves around his daughter Kanasu. At every step, he realizes how Kanasu transforms his life. But there comes a stage when he is unable to digest the fact that any offspring prefers mother over father. Kanasu selects a Sardar as her life partner and confides it in her mother first than her ever-loving father.

Naanu, Nanna Kanasu is a non-glamorous film devoid of the commercial elements. It is effective in conveying the message. But it fails in one aspect ? Naanu, Nanna Kanasu pales in comparison with the original Abhiyum Naanum. Even before the film hit the screens, Prakash Raj had made it clear that he was not looking for a BO hit. So even if Naanu, Nanna Kanasu does not make money, it should not bother Prakash.

Several actors stand out in this film. Achyuth, who, for long has been imitating the acclaimed actor Ananth Nag, has given his best. Prakash is brilliant, but at times makes it evident that is burdened by the direction department. Otherwise, Prakash?s screen presence throughout the film is amazing. Sithara is refreshing to watch after a long break.

For the upcoming actor Amoolya, Naanu, Nanna Kanasu is indeed a dream project as the cynosure Kanasu character. The actor, who has been in great demand following the success of her previous romantic film Premism, could not have asked for more. At times, the film appears to be lengthy, but there is comic relief through Sihikahi Chandru.

The greatest drawback of the movie is music by Hamsalekha. Though the lyrics do justice to the storyline, Hamsalekha?s music sense has hit the nadir. It is a neat film meant for families. Such a movie had not hit the screens in the last two months. It should be successful in dragging families to the theatres.

Verdict: Family entertainer

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