Sarpatta Parambarai -An engaging sports film!

Sarpatta Parambarai - A brilliant sports film!

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Critic's Rating: 4/5

Thursday 22 July 2021

Movie Title

Sarpatta Parambarai -An engaging sports film!


Pa. Ranjith

Star Cast

Arya, Pasupathi, Kalaiyarasan, Dushara, Anupama, John Vijay,John Kokken

Sarpatta Parambarai, is definitely Pa. Ranjith's best film since Madras. He has beautifully adapted the boxing culture set in the rooted backdrop of the Old Madras with authentic characters and actors who have given their heart and soul to the film.

Some of the boxing scenes in the film certainly remind us of the classic Rocky and Creed, the sequel and spin-off to Rocky but Sarpatta Parambarai is mostly original mainly due to the characters that are deeply rooted and original.

Sarpatta Parambarai and Idiyappa Parambarai have a long history of enmity. While Sarpatta Parambarai used to be an unshakeable clan in the boxing game when Rangan (Pasupathi) and his friends used to rule the ring. Post their retirement, Idiyappa Parambarai took all the glory mainly due to the ferocious boxer Vembuli (John Kokken). Though Rangan has trained quality boxers including his son Vetri (Kalaiyarasan) and Raman (Santhosh Pratap), they are not competent and lack focus to defeat Vembuli.

Meanwhile, we also get to see Kabilan (Arya), an obedient son of Mariamma (A superb Anupama). Kabilan's dad was a big boxer and a close friend of Rangan but he lost his life after becoming a henchman of local politicians. Though Kabilan worships Rangan and informally trains the boxing game, he doesn't have the guts to go against his mother who hates the game. But situation pushes Kabilan to get into the boxing ring and right when he gets the opportunity to defeat Vembuli, things turn ugly.

Like his father, Kabilan also takes the wrong route and becomes a local goon. Will he take up the boxing game once again, after he gains weight and focus? Can he reform himself for the passion he has for the game and to bring laurel to his clan?

Arya fits the bill for the earnest yet ferocious boxer, thanks to his superb physique. The actor has given his best to the film and it's quite evident on the screen. Be it emotional scenes, romance, and action, he packs a punch. Pasupathi speaks through his eyes with subtle expressions.

John Vijay, who plays the English-speaking Daddy, Godfather of Arya steals the show while the other three boxers-- John Kokken, Shabeer Kallarakkal (Dancing Rose), Santosh Prathap (Raman), and Kaliyarasan have also toiled a lot to get the right physique and they upped the ante with their quality performance.

Besides Anupama, among the female actors--Dusshara and Sanchana Natarajan have also done their parts well.

Ranjith has also captured the ugly side of boxing and how the local politicians and businessmen used the boxers for their illegal activities. Despite being in the same clan, the sports also had caste discrimination and Ranjith has not missed capturing the inequality. While the boxing scenes takes us to the edge of the seat, the ego tussle and the tension that exists between each character that has multiple shades help us to invest more in the film.

Despite the long duration (2hr and 54 minutes), the film manages to hold our attention due to the adrenaline rush in the boxing scenes (Fantastic choreography by Anbariv) and the detailed script with several beautiful moments arranged without hampering the flow. For example, even a normal scene in which Pasupathi's wife touches his feet after he comes out of prison stays in our mind.

Though the men in the film are strong with their physique, they are mentally feeble and the women in their families help them to stay strong. For instance, Anupama and Dushara help Arya when he breaks down, Kaliyarasan's wife Sanchana stands and speaks for him against his father. These strong-willed women also grab our attention.

Technically, Murali G's camera work brings us the beauty of Old Madras, art director Ramalingam also deserves a pat on his shoulder for authentically bringing back the 70s and 80s locales of the city. Santhosh's background score rightly elevates the tension in each boxing game.

Overall, Sarpatta Parambarai is a must-watch and it's a comeback film for both Pa. Ranjith and Arya.

Verdict: Good!


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