Vaanku review: Fairly engaging


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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Thursday 04 February 2021

Movie Title

Vaanku review: Fairly engaging


Kavya Prakash

Star Cast

Anaswara Rajan, Vineeth

Director Kavya Prakash’s Vaanku is based on a story by Unni R, with script and dialogues by Shabna Mohammed.

The story is mainly focused on Raziya (Anaswara Rajan), who is in her final days of college. One of her teachers tell students to fulfill their pending wishes before they leave the campus. There seems to be a deliberate attempt to make these scenes funny, which affects the mood of the plot to a certain extent.

It is Raziya’s wish that is the key point in the story, but to reach there the movie takes some time.

Raziya comes from a middle class Muslim family, where her mother is pretty ‘modern’ in her thinking but her father has recently turned really conservative and ‘strictly religious’. Even his mother is surprised by her son’s behavior at times.

All hell break loose when Raziya reveals to her friends that she wants to recite Azaan or the holy prayer that is recited by a muezzin from the mosque. The issue takes a serious turn when one of Raziya’s friends writes about this on Facebook.

Well, the story narrated here is relevant and topical. But the presentation often loses the seriousness and focus. It is surprising when the teacher makes a joke about “rape”.

Having said that Vaanku manages to keep the viewer engaged and makes some statements in the process. Especially considering she is a first time director, Kavya packages the movie impressively.

The highlight of the movie is Anaswara Rajan’s excellent performance. The young actor does her role with great confidence. Vineeth is good as the strict father. The rest of the cast have done their roles in a fine manner.

Vaanku is a challenging subject to deal with and though things could have been in another level with better writing, this one has its moments for sure.

Verdict: Watchable







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