10 Kalpanakal review-A lazy crime thrller

A lazy rhetoric of an armchair activist that is meek in content and not engaging as a story.



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Tuesday 29 November 2016

Movie Title

10 Kalpanakal review-A lazy crime thrller



Star Cast

Meera Jasmine, Anoop Menon

Editor turned director Donmax’s 10 Kalpanakal is a crime drama, intended to unveil the mystery behind a few murders. 

Shazia Akbar (Meera Jasmine) has quit IPS, but has been invited to address a group of newly recruited cops. There she narrates a story that she had come across during her career.

While in service, Shazia was iin charge of the investigation about a series of killings of a similar nature and soon we are shown who actually does it. And he is soon nabbed by the cops. But then there are some twists that happen, which takes the story ahead. 

Of course we don’t want spoil whatever fun that is in store, but there are some aspects that should to be pointed out here. So read this further only if you are fine with some spoilers.

There are certain factors that makes a crime thriller really exciting. Usually we see filmmakers getting us to the edge of the seats with the smart way the case is solved, the intelligence of the investigating officers, the methods used to do the crime and so on. 

But that kind of intelligence is not to be seen in this script. Here a suspect, perhaps modelled after Kahaani’s Bob Biswas, is nabbed pretty early but the cops can’t find any evidence against him. Though there are mentions about the killings of a few girls, the cops are never shown going really behind any of those cases. Instead all the focus shifts to another incident after a while.

This one barely qualifies as a crime thriller and is more of a lazy rhetoric of some armchair activist that is meek in its content and not really engaging as a story.

Meera Jasmine has nothing much to do other than to walk around as if in a ramp, with loads of makeup. Anoop Menon is good, but repeats his branded style in acting and dialogue delivery once again. 

10 Kalpanakal has nothing much to surprise you but makes some statements on certain topical issues. If that is what you look forward at the movies, buy a ticket for this one.

10 Kalpanakal review: Verdict A Lazy attempt! 

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