100 Days of Love

100 Days of Love



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 21 March 2015

Movie Title

100 Days of Love


Jenuse Mohammed

Star Cast

Dulquer Salmaan, Nithya Menen

Debutant director Jenuse Mohamed's 100 Days of Love starts with a rather interesting disclosure by the hero that his story is not like what you usually find in cliched rom-com's. 

The setting is urbane and the visuals are delicious. You wait for something grand to be served, but what follows is a hollow love story that is never engaging. 

The lovebirds are called B K N or Balan K Nair (Dulquer Salmaan), who is a journalist, and Sheela (Nithya Menen), a student. The characters have been named after the legendary villain and the beautiful heroine from the past is indeed funny, but is that all you look forward to in a movie?

They meet one night when they get into the same taxi, just by chance. One smile and the boy is head over heels in love with the girl, though his clues about her is limited to a couple of photographs in the camera that he gets in the process. 

The hero is frantically searching for the girl, with the help of his friend, Ummer (Sekhar Menon). They manage to find her, but by the time the two meets, your interest in the proceedings will be over. 

Even if you are ready to buy this mushy romantic tale, this one is heavily influenced by some of those lowbrow Hollywood rom-coms, tailor made for the western sensibilities. 

In the end, the film never makes any impact whatsoever, apart from the good looks of the lead pair. It's a hotchpotch of usual sequences that we have seen in most love stories and it is as energizing as having a hot cup of coffee, sans sugar. It's fine if your doctor wanted you to, but never otherwise.

Jenuse Mohamed had everything that a debutant would dream about, a lovely pair, great locations and a good budget. But he has barely made use of it all. Pradeesh Varma's visuals are topnotch though.

Dulquer Salmaan is stylish and has a great voice. But he fumbles big time at times and his 'double role' stand out like a sore thumb. Can someone please tell the youngster that he as to be more prudent about his choice of roles? 

Nithya Menen looks pretty and that is just what her character demands. Sekhar Menon is good but Aju Varghese looks completely out of place.

100 Days of Love has the ingredients to look fabulous, but it barely makes use of it all. If you are a hardcore Dulquer Salmaan fan, go for it. 

Verdict: Average

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