100 review: A watchable cop action entertainer

100 is a cop action entertainer that has a thrilling plot

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Critic's Rating: 2.75/5

Wednesday 12 June 2019

Movie Title

100 review: A watchable cop action entertainer


Sam Anton

Star Cast

Atharvaa, Hansika, Mahesh, Raj Aiyappa

Director Sam Anton’s 100 is a passable cop action entertainer which works mainly because of the engaging second half. Atharvaa who has been struggling with back to back lackluster films has finally arrived with a decent commercial outing in which he plays a young cop who works in the control room.

Sathya (Atharvaa) wants to be an upright cop so that his life becomes adventurous by chasing criminals and solve the mysteries, but to his bad luck, he gets posting in a control room. Initially, Sathya thinks that his job is just as mundane as his girlfriend (Hansika) who works in a call center. 

But that one call which he misses involves with the life of a kidnapped small boy. Sathya nabs the criminals behind the kidnapping incident and soon, the 100th call turns his life upside down. Sathya comes to know that a young girl who was considered dead is alive and kidnapped by someone. 

How Sathya converts his boring control room atmosphere into an adventurous ride and unmasks the criminal behind the series of missing young girls forms the crux of the story.

The first half of the moves at a leisure pace with so many unwanted scenes, namesake romantic sequences, and illogical scenes. However, the film gains momentum in the intermission and manages to engage us to an extent through twists and turns. 

Had Sam Anton treated the film as a realistic cop action thriller without over the top stunts and heroism, it would’ve worked better. As Atharvaa is yet to reach the mass hero status,  we are unable to digest the unrealistic stunts. Nevertheless, the actor looks super fit and has given his best.

Hansika has an extended cameo along with a romantic number and few scenes. Newcomer Raj Aiyappa who plays the antagonist in the film is quite impressive as the spoiled youngster with a criminal mastermind. The film’s producer Mahesh also plays an important role in the film and does a decent job.

Technically, Krishnan Vasanth has provided adequate visuals for a cop action entertainer and Antony L Ruben once again comes as the savior as he seems to have chopped off many hindering scenes from the film to make it racier. Sam CS’ songs are decent whereas his background score is strictly functional.

Overall, ‘100’ is a watchable cop action entertainer for its comparatively engaging second half and the underlying theme of the film.

100 review:  Watchable cop action entertainer

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