10.30 am Local Call

10.30 am Local Call



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 04 March 2013

Movie Title

10.30 am Local Call


10.30 am Local Call

Star Cast

Nishaan, Sritha Sivadas, Kailash, Mridula

Director Manu Sudhakaran, who reformed his name after making his debut with a disastrous movie called Sandwich sometime back, has returned with a thriller that is anything but thrilling.

Albie (Nishaan) and Ann (Mridula Murali) are a much in love couple. But things go horribly wrong when Albie, a highly successful marketing professional at a car showroom, meets his college sweetheart, Nimmy (Sritha Sivadas), who is having a not so happy marriage with Vishnu (Kailash).

After a while, Albie spends a night with Nimmy, after a string of strange incidents. The next morning he is in for a rude shock. Okay, we won't divulge more details and play spoilsports.

If you are the kind who doesn't need much to feel thrilled, well, the director has tried pretty hard to present things in a convincing way. But how much he has succeeded in the efforts is the question here.

Arunlal's script lacks much energy and strength to take you along on a memorable ride. What it manages eventually is to take you on a rather uncomfortable trip that lacks any purpose. Krish Kymal's visuals and Gopi Sundar's music are good.

The less said about the acting skills of the lead cast, the better. There seems to be a big race happening to decide who will come up with the worst performance. Nishaan is wooden faced as usual and the others ham it up.

For all those who are used to watching taut thrillers that leave you spellbound, 10.30 am Local Call could end up as a joke, at best. It is amateurish to the core, predictable and its making lacks any kind of imagination. Watch this one at your risk please.

Verdict: Below Average

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